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cbd flower caramel candy, Soft and strong

Caramel Candy

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Texture et Aspect

The legend of Caramel Candy is well established. The strain is clearly dominated by the Indica phenotype. Her closest relatives are none other than Bubba Kush and Ms. Universe. These two juggernauts rank among the most well-known and acclaimed CBD flower strains. It is therefore the genes of champions that inhabit our Caramel Candy.
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Softness combined with power. The smell of Caramel Candy is characteristic of a sweet CBD flower variety, while revealing some full-bodied aromatic notes. On the nose, caramelized aromas dominate. Its sweet flavors are found when tasting the flowers. At first, this caramel taste floods the palate before giving way to more powerful and sustained aromas of coffee that can stretch into dark wood flavors.

Appearance of the flower

The compact appearance of the flowers, but also of the plants, is astounding. The Indica appearance is fully expressed in all parts of Caramel Candy. The buds are overall quite dark and medium in size. A dense green covers the flowering tops, lighter marbling marks the presence of small leaves. Numerous long orange pistils, very characteristic of the variety, are present on all the flowers.

Mode of cultivation

Caramel Candy is grown indoors. The INDOOR culture allows us to offer a high quality product. The harvested CBD flowers are homogeneous both in taste and appearance. Hemp plants thrive indoors in optimal growing conditions. The parameters and periods of growth and flowering are finely controlled to guarantee legal cannabis flowers of exceptional quality.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The Caramel Candy offered by MyBud Shop is a CBD cannabis flower with a medium level of cannabinoids. We place it on our site among the flowers containing 8 to 12% CBD+CBDA.


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