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Flowers cbd Indoor

Discover our CBD flowers cultivated in inside. This method of cultivation makes it possible to exploit the properties of the hemp plant to the maximum to obtain high quality CBD flowers. Mybud shop has made a careful selection of tasty and powerful flowers highly concentrated in CBD.


Our CBD oils are made in France and are composed exclusively of natural products. Only vegetable oil and essential oils are added to the broad-spectrum cannabinoid extract present in our bottles.

CBD Cosmetics

Our CBD oils are made in France and composed only of natural products. Only vegetable oil and essential oils are added to the broad spectrum cannabinoid extract present in our bottles. CBD oil is very popular among hemp lovers for its simplicity of use and its effectiveness. Indeed, with only a few drops, you can enjoy quick effects that last over time. Our natural CBD oils assure you a premium quality thanks to their organic culture.

CBD concentrates

Discover our CBD flowers cultivated in inside. This method of cultivation makes it possible to exploit the properties of the hemp plant to the maximum to obtain high quality CBD flowers. Mybud shop has made a careful selection of tasty and powerful flowers highly concentrated in CBD.



CBD E-liquids

Several brands of e-liquids are offered, offering a variety of flavors and various concentration rates for an optimal choice of CBD e-liquid.
The purists will appreciate rough and typical flavors of hemp, others will prefer more fruity or acidulous flavors.
All these e-liquids are nicotine free and do not contain Vitamin E Acetate - Guaranteed zero THC.

Cbd resins

The best CBD hash. We select only quality resins made from premium natural CBD legal cannabis flowers.

Our CBD resins have different flavors and concentrations of cannabinoids, you can easily find the product that suits you best

All our products respect the European legislation in force.

CBD infusions

Our CBD oils are made in France and composed only of natural products. Only vegetable oil and essential oils are added to the broad spectrum cannabinoid extract present in our bottles. CBD oil is very popular among hemp lovers for its simplicity of use and its effectiveness. Indeed, with only a few drops, you can enjoy quick effects that last over time. Our natural CBD oils assure you a premium quality thanks to their organic culture.

CBD oils

Our CBD oils are made in France and composed only of natural products. Only vegetable oil and essential oils are added to the broad spectrum cannabinoid extract present in our bottles. CBD oil is very popular among hemp lovers for its simplicity of use and its effectiveness. Indeed, with only a few drops, you can enjoy quick effects that last over time. Our natural CBD oils assure you a premium quality thanks to their organic culture.

Our site and our stores offer a wide selection of CBD oil. Discover our pure extract CBD oils, France CBD oil, organic CBD oil, orange flavored CBD oils, flavored CBD oils, potent CBD oils, etc. Several concentrations are available to meet all desires and needs.

CBD Moonrocks

With their very high CBD content, our Moonrocks are particularly aimed at regular and experienced CBD consumers.
The Asteroid, for example, contains a rate CBD + CBDa higher than 85%. They are thus ideal products for the consumers in search of intense sensations and strong flavours.
Our Moonrocks provide powerful effects quickly after their consumption.

Mini Buds CBD

Finally, real quality mini buds at a discounted price! Our selection of mini buds are made from the best legal cannabis strains from Switzerland and Italy. These small CBD buds, which often go unused, are harvested from the top of the cannabis plant and provide you with an intoxicating, sun-kissed blend.

At Mybud, we know you already love our mini CBD buds, and you'll love the mini deluxe buds that contain even more cannabidiol. Each arrival is cared for by our teams to ensure you get a balanced blend of beautiful little flowers very tasty.
A true melting pot of the best CBD flowers on the market, our mini buds are unique and accessible to all budgets. You just have to try to get them some!

Outdoor cbd flowers

Here is our selection of CBD flowers grown in their natural environment and with the utmost respect for the hemp plant. If you are looking for natural CBD flowers, then you will love our Sweet Red with its amazing fruity scent.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our customer support team.

What is CBD resin?

CBD resin is produced from the secretory glands of female hemp plants. Its composition is very high in CBD. To extract it from the plant, several methods exist such as drying or pressing, for example. Hemp growers use hemp pollen to extract the resin to form a ball. Like flowers, resins are differentiated by their taste, their origin of production, their concentration of CBD and their texture.

In short, the resin is a concentrated form of CBD. Obtained thanks to the extraction of trichomes, it can have several aspects. Indeed, according to the method of extraction chosen and the variety of flowers, the resin of CBD can be fat, dry, compact, sticky. Nowadays, we find resins of very varied colors (brown, green, black, orange, red). It is thus possible to find some for all the tastes!

For the most scientific among us, the trichomes resulting from the plant make it possible to preserve only the glands which contain the molecules of CBD. This reason explains why the resin is often more concentrated than the traditional flower of CBD. Discover this product with unique aromas and effects!

What are the different varieties of resins?

Hashish, hash, teuteu or even pot are all more or less slang names for what connoisseurs call cannabis resin.

The resin has a bad reputation for a fringe of consumers. Mybud Shop is here to break this negative image! Despite its detractors, hashish is a noble product. It is obtained by direct processing of cannabis plants. There are several ways to produce resin. Small summary:

the Afghan

All the consumers of the world have already heard about these resins. Mainly produced in the neighboring countries of India, like Afghanistan or Pakistan. The production area of this resin is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. A particular climate allows local cannabis species to flourish on mostly arid land.
But, how is Afghan produced? It should be known that originally the principal plant produced on the spot is the Mazar I Sharif. This small bush can regularly reach 3 to 4 meters high. Once harvested at maturity, in early winter. The plants are beaten to extract the desired plant particles and trichomes. There are then several variants concerning the shaping of the resin. But it should be remembered that the cannabis extracts are pressed and heated to obtain the famous Afghan resin.

the Moroccan

Another region, another country, another culture. The plateaus of the Moroccan Atlas are known to host historically a strong cannabis culture. Culturally, the Rif region is the main producer of resin. Cannabis plants have been cultivated there for thousands of years and their resin extracted since then.
The method of manufacture and the varieties used differ greatly. The Moroccan plateaus are known to be the cradle of species with dominant sativa. The hybridization between the species is such in Morocco that the original varieties are not more identifiable. Let us return to the manufacture, once cut the plants are dried. They are then beaten through a sieve to extract fine plant particles, trichomes and pollen grains remaining in the plant. The compounds obtained are then pressed to obtain a resin known as Moroccan.

What are the effects of CBD resin?

CBD hash does not generate psychoactive effects, unlike THC. On the contrary, our customers put forward anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties. The CBD resin would also facilitate digestion and avoid nausea. Finally, consumers suffering from insomnia have testified that they have benefited from a more restful sleep and a faster sleep thanks to CBD resin. Indeed, the resins are known for their intense relaxing effects. In short, CBD resin is said to have the ability to balance the immune system. You will also feel more optimistic and joyful. According to our customers, CBD resin would be able to rebalance your moods and stabilize them.

Moreover, there are very few side effects with CBD resin. We still recommend that you do not exceed the maximum amount in order to avoid any drowsiness. In the same way, we advise you not to consume CBD resin before driving.

How is CBD resin made?

The manufacture of CBD resin begins with the separation of cannabinoids and terpenes. Obviously, the producer must pay increased attention to the refining of the plants chosen. Mybud Shop exchanges regularly with its suppliers to offer you only premium resins.

The extraction allows to obtain a type of pollen. The following steps consist in heating or cooling this pollen so that it takes the form of resin. It will also undergo a mechanical pressure. This moment allows to decompose certain elements and to make fuse the trichromes. It is the method of extraction chosen that will define the final appearance of the resin. The sieve and the ice-o-lator are the most known and reputed methods among the producers of resins.

Mode of consumption

CBD resin can be consumed in various ways.


This method allows you to optimize your consumption of CBD resin. You will feel its effects more quickly since the resin passes directly by your respiratory tract. We advise you to use a vaporizer to simplify this mode of consumption.

The inhalation

Its advantage is the speed of the effects of CBD as well as their disappearance. You can also use a vaporizer to inhale CBD.

The culinary CBD

You can add CBD resin to your dishes or herbal teas by adding a fat (coconut oil, vegetable milk or butter). This method allows to prolong the effects of CBD.

The infusion

In a saucepan of about 1 liter, boil the water.
Once boiling, add the fat of your choice: honey, vegetable milk, coconut oil, etc.
Crumble your CBD resin in a tea strainer and pour into a cup.
Let it steep for 15 minutes and enjoy!

We do not recommend smoking CBD resin because it is harmful to your health.

How to consume CBD/CBG pollen?

First of all, as pollen is a rather fragile and volatile product, we advise you to close its hermetic pouch after each use. Indeed, our bags are specially designed to preserve the properties of our resins and pollens as long as possible. The main objective is that the pollen does not dry too quickly.

To consume the pollen cannabis CBD or CBG, we recommend you to : 

  • Pour pollen in your infusion / herbal tea 
  • Mix it with a fat (milk, coconut oil, honey)
  • Add pollen to your culinary dishes

How to store the resin?

Like other CBD products, the resin must be kept away from humidity, heat and light in order to keep its properties longer.

The legal point about resin

The legislation is the same as for the flowers, which is logical considering that the resin is produced thanks to the entire hemp plant, including its flowers. The distinction between CBD, cannabidiol, and THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is here also the nerve of the war. MyBud Shop offers resins with high levels of CBD, making them powerful CBD hash, for a concentration of THC below 0.2%.

The balance among the cannabinoids in our resins can ensure relaxing or analgesic effects. But, no psychotropic action is caused by the consumption of resins on sale at Mybud Shop. All the products offered on our site respect the European regulations in force

Is CBD resin a drug?

The CBD hash is absolutely not considered as a narcotic substance. However, to be legal, all resins must respect a level of 0.2% THC. At Mybud Shop, all our hash is controlled and analyzed by a certified laboratory. We have the analysis of each product attesting to their compliance with the law.

Quality is an imperative

MyBud Shop has selected for you a range of resin both for their taste quality but also for their powerful CBD content. On our site you will find resins in the purest tradition of dark and fat hash. To satisfy the most demanding CBD hash consumers, MyBud Shop has also selected resins with a more vegetal aspect. Thus, the Amnesia hash, the Strawberry Hash and the CBG Hash offers a different choice to consumers.

Buy your CBD resin on Mybud Shop

Discover an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Indeed, our resins are issued from the best CBD flowers of the market. For any order of CBD resin placed before 5pm, we ship your package the same day. Colissimo will send you your resin within 48 hours except in exceptional circumstances. To protect your privacy, our packages are neutral and do not mention their content. We ensure you a fast and discreet delivery. The majority of our customer reviews show a great satisfaction with the flavors and effects of our CBD hash. We offer you resins from the best European cultures at affordable prices. We regularly exchange with our producers so that our products correspond perfectly to your desires and needs. In order to satisfy all our customers, we propose resins in 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 g. All you have to do is make your choice!

Is it possible to find a powerful CBD resin?

We offer you a selection of light hash but also more powerful CBD resins. Some varieties like Caramelo Premium and Amnesia Hash reach for example rates higher than 20% of CBD.
Their aromas and intense flavours will make you discover new sensations. These hash will transport you in a moment of deep relaxation.

If you are a beginner in CBD resin, we advise you to start with softer hashes like Strawberry Hash or Yellow Hash.

Do you offer cheap CBD resins?

In order to satisfy the majority of our customers, our resin selection includes hashes at all prices. Our entry-level range starts with Yellow Hash and is very appreciated by our beginner consumers. Its acidulous flavor and its light concentration make it possible to benefit from a moment of particular relaxation. This resin is offered at a very affordable price while maintaining its excellent quality. Our goal is to improve your daily life without you spending a fortune. Sweetening your day has never been easier than with Mybud Shop!

Our tips for buying CBD resin

We invite you to pay attention to several criteria. First of all, the color of the CBD resin varies between orange, red, brown (light/dark), black and sometimes green. In addition, a good quality texture must be rather sticky. Some are more or less crumbly and malleable. Finally, the aromas and the rate of CBD are important elements to be taken into account but which depend only on your personal preferences and needs. You will see it, each resin is unique!

Is it possible to order resin in large format?

We can offer you our wholesale rates if you are a professional. We invite you to send us an email on our address dedicated to professionals:

A consultant will come back to you very quickly with our catalog.

At what age can we consume CBD resin?

As with all CBD products, we are only licensed to sell CBD resin to people of legal age. Indeed, the minimal presence of THC is prohibited to minors. In addition, CBD is also very much discouraged for pregnant women.

Ideal for a relaxing ritual

One of the most common methods of consumption of CBD is infusion. Indeed, you can enjoy the effects of CBD by tasting it in a hot drink. The CBD infusion helps to create a ritual of relaxation and generates, according to our customers, a better sleep. It is recognized by our customers for its anti-stress and soothing effects. It is ideal to offer you a real moment of serenity.

Our new range of infusions is declined in 3 products: "Tropical Mist" with ginger, cinnamon and apple aromas, "Vegetal Pleasure" combining lime and mint and "Starry Night" for sweet and sour nights.

Different flavors are mixed thanks to the different ingredients, from European organic agriculture, present in our infusions. The CBD represents 22% of the composition of our infusions and blends perfectly with the flavors of each bag.

If you wish to consume CBD infusion to fight against sleep problems or insomnia, we recommend you to drink your infusion 1h before going to bed. If you have never consumed a CBD infusion before, we recommend that you limit yourself to one infusion per day in the beginning.


We guarantee the respect of the legislation concerning our infusions as all our other products sold on our eshop or in our stores. Their THC content is certified to be less than 0.2%.

How to consume our CBD infusions?

To enjoy a CBD infusion, you must add 1 to 2 spoons of CBD infusion in a cup of hot water. Add a fatty substance (coconut oil, butter, vegetable milk) to optimize the extraction of the active substances of CBD and let infuse 8 to 10 min.

How to store your infusions?

We advise you to keep your Mybud Shop infusions in their hermetic bag or in a closed box away from light and humidity.

Frequently Asked Question

Can't find the information you need? Please contact our customer service if you have any questions.

How to use CBD oil?

For a first intake, it is generally suggested to use a CBD dose of 0.5 mg per kilogram (body weight) per day, with increases determined according to your consumption. If necessary, you can increase the dosage by limiting your intake to no more than 1600 mg per day.

The benefits of CBD oil are almost immediate when taken sublingually. It works within 5 to 20 minutes, with a typical duration of 2 to 3 hours.

You can also consume CBD oil by adding it to your culinary dishes or drinks. It is important to combine cannabidiol in a fat (olive or coconut oil, vegetable milk, butter, honey) because it is fat-soluble. This combination is necessary to get the maximum benefits of CBD. When CBD is ingested through the digestive tract, its effects occur longer afterwards than by sublingual route. Finally, if you are looking to fight certain skin problems, CBD oil can be added to your creams or cosmetics or directly on your skin.

How to store your CBD oil?

Organic CBD oil, like other CBD products, should be stored away from heat and light. The shelf life of this product is quite long, up to 1 to 2 years after opening.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

In recent years, the virtues of CBD are beginning to be recognized. Indeed, it is mainly appreciated for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Moreover, hemp is a natural alternative that respects the human body. This is the reason why CBD is so popular nowadays. Numerous cannabidiol-based products are now available to meet all profiles and needs.

Hemp oil is said to have anti-oxidant properties. According to some pre-studies, it would delay the aging of our cells.

Of course, like all other CBD-based products, CBD oil is a powerful anxiolytic. The majority of our consumers have noticed a decrease in their state of anxiety and stress after consuming hemp oil. Their mood was more stable and overall it improved their daily life. CBD could also be effective for people suffering from depressive disorders or schizophrenia.

In addition, some benefits of organic CBD oil have been noted on sleep. Our customer reviews show a quicker fall asleep and a more restful sleep. Say goodbye to insomnia!

Our customers mainly highlight the anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties of CBD oil. Indeed, cannabidiol could relieve pain related to chronic diseases (multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia). But some of them note that CBD oil has an impact on the skin by reducing wrinkles, stretch marks or regulating sebum. This product can therefore also be used to nourish the skin in depth or as a massage oil. Indeed, hemp oil would allow to decrease the redness linked to acne, eczema or psoriasis thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. Its consumers believe that cannabis oil also helps to relax the muscles. You can therefore perfectly integrate CBD oil in your massage ritual after sports. The ideal product after an intense session!

In summary, CBD oil is one of the cannabidiol-based products with the most different uses. It has unique properties in terms of well-being. Its effectiveness on skin problems are, for example, highly recommended by our customers. Its culture and its composition give it many virtues for the human body.

Are there any side effects with CBD oil?

Our light cannabis oils do not contain THC. It is therefore impossible for you to experience a "high". There are no undesirable side effects with CBD oil except in case of overdose. Indeed, we advise you not to exceed 1600mg / day of intake. An overdose could lead to drowsiness or nausea. However, it is extremely rare to experience negative effects with CBD oil.

Can we legally buy CBD oil?

Mybud Shop sells only legal oils in France and throughout Europe. All our oils have been subjected to a thorough laboratory test. In all our products, we guarantee that the THC concentration is less than 0.2%.

Is it advisable to buy CBD oil from Mybud Shop?

Our CBD oils are made from organically grown hemp in France. To make our oils, a broad spectrum cannabinoid extract is combined with a vegetable MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil to create the different concentrations of our oils. This extract contains many active components including CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC. Our oils are made from the pressing of all parts of the hemp plant: seeds, leaves and stem. These products therefore meet the criteria of 100% vegetable origin.

All our oils are controlled and certified by a specialized laboratory. This analysis guarantees the conformity and traceability of all our light cannabis oils.

Our CBD oils are sold in a hermetically sealed glass bottle allowing to keep it in optimal conditions. A dropper is also integrated into the cap to facilitate its use.

Our customers recommend Mybud Shop CBD oils for their effectiveness but also for their unbeatable quality/price ratio. Their CBD oil reviews can give you an idea of their effectiveness.

Regarding the price, you can find cheap CBD oils on our site.
Furthermore, our wide selection includes oils from 5 to 30% CBD. All you have to do is make your choice! Finally, our customers report reduced pain, stress and improved sleep after consuming our light cannabis oils.
By ordering your CBD oils on Mybud Shop you ensure a secure and discreet delivery. Indeed, our oils are delivered in a neutral package and without mention of its contents.

When you place your order before 17h, we ship the same day. Thanks to Colissimo, you will receive your parcel in 48h working days. However, this period could be extended in case of exceptional circumstances. In this case, the delivery could take up to 8 days maximum.

How is cannabis oil made?

To create a hemp oil, it is possible to use all parts of the plant. The hemp plants used must be carefully selected in order to obtain a quality product. They must also contain less than 0.2% THC in order to be marketed in France and in the European Union.

The majority of hemp oils are organically grown. This product will be able to correspond perfectly to the vegan people since it is 100% vegetable and respects the standards of the organic culture. The manufacturing of the pure CBD oil extract is made possible thanks to a pressing of the cannabis plant. The concentration of CBD contained in the oil depends on the variety of cannabis, its mode of culture, its storage and its manufacture. The most famous extraction techniques are :

  • Extraction by CO2: this method preserves the properties of the CBD oil the best.
  • The extraction by heating vegetable oils with cannabis.
  • Extraction with chemical solvents.

Many other cannabinoids are contained in the oils as well as terpenes and flavonoids. These elements reinforce the effects of the oil, this is called the entourage effect.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is a term used to describe how the different compounds in the hemp plant combine to generate particular qualities. When taken together, the different molecules interact with each other.

The combined effects of the cannabinoids would be greater than the sum of their individual effects. In other words, when extracted from the whole plant, the different cannabinoids are more effective than when they are isolated and pure.
In the case of our CBD oils, it is the broad spectrum extraction method that has been chosen.

Can CBD oil replace medical treatment?

If you have any medical condition, we recommend that you seek medical advice before consuming CBD oil. A health professional will be able to inform you of the potential compatibility between your treatment and cannabidiol. Furthermore, he or she will also be able to give you the daily amount of CBD to respect.

A medical advice on CBD oil is always necessary when you suffer from a disease.
We remind you that CBD can absolutely not be considered or replace a medical treatment. It should be taken as a dietary supplement despite its potential therapeutic benefits.

What are broad spectrum CBD oils?

Both broad spectrum CBD and full spectrum CBD are broad spectrum cannabinoids. They use the same extraction technique: the leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of the plant all contribute to the process.

The THC, however, is removed. You can still enjoy the entourage effect created by the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Why consume CBD in oil?

First of all for its natural aspect. Indeed, unlike a medicated anxiolytic, pure CBD oil extract is composed only of plants. It is also completely natural, healthy and respectful of your body. Cannabis oil, unlike conventional drugs, is non-toxic and devoid of negative effects. Of course, hemp oil is not a substitute for medical treatment but should be considered as a dietary supplement.

Moreover, it is a cannabidiol-based product that is very easy to use. You just have to put a few drops under your tongue or in your herbal tea to feel its first effects. This product is easy to dose thanks to its dropper. You will be able to choose precisely the quantity adapted to your weight and your needs. The CBD oil is thus completely adapted to the novice or confirmed consumers.

Finally, the virtues of CBD oil are varied and numerous. The cannabidiol molecule interacts directly with our endocannabinoid system and therefore on our immune, nervous and digestive systems.

How to choose your CBD oil?

In order to ensure that your oil is perfectly suited to your needs and preferences, we advise you to pay attention to the following points.

First of all, the extraction method can give you a clue about the quality of the product. At Mybud Shop, all our oils are broad spectrum. With this composition, you can take full advantage of the properties of cannabinoids. In addition, an oil from organic farming is also a guarantee of quality.

The choice of concentration will also allow you to adapt your product to your needs. The more the rate of CBD is high more the effects will last in time and will be sustained. We propose you a concentration going from 5 to 30% of CBD. Finally, the taste of CBD oil can be particular and not please everyone, you can choose a scented. On www.mybudshop.fr, you can choose an orange flavored oil, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant flavor.

Where can I buy CBD oil?

From now on you can find CBD oil in pharmacies, in stores specialized in CBD, in tobacco shops. The advantage of specialized stores is that they know perfectly well all the issues related to cannabidiol. Therefore, they could provide you with valuable advice on how to combine hemp with your lifestyle.
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