Our CBD oils are made in France and are composed exclusively of natural products. Only vegetable oil and essential oils are added to the broad-spectrum cannabinoid extract present in our bottles.

The characteristics of our oils

Mybud CBD oils are obtained by extracting the full spectrum of cannabinoids from organically grown hemp plants. This particular method is also called Broad Spectrum Extraction. Consumers benefit with this complete extraction of all the properties related to the surrounding effect of the cannabinoids.

Our CBD oils are made in France and are exclusively composed of natural products. Only vegetable oil and essential oils are added to the Broad Spectrum CBD Extract in our bottles.

In addition to CBD molecules in various concentrations, Mybud CBD oils contain a bunch of other molecules. Many cannabinoids and terpenes are present in our products, CBG, CBN, CBC, Limonene, Linalol, Mycele…

Fragrances and concentrations

We offer our CBD oils in different concentrations and fragrances. Our offer is available with 5% 10% 20% or 30% of CBD. Consumers can appreciate natural oil without addition of perfume. In this case, the natural hemp and floral flavours are highlighted in the blend. Our perfumed oils range offers more complex flavours. Brazilian orange essential oil is added to the CBD-enriched oil to soften its taste.

Consumption of CBD oil 

CBD oils are often praised by consumers for their ease of use. A few drops placed under the tongue can be enough to produce the desired effects. The concentration of your oil will obviously affect the quantity consumed.

CBD oil can also be consumed as an infusion. Hot water, your favourite infusion products and a few drops of oil to add in the mixture are enough to obtain a tasty drink full of soothing virtues.

Directly into the food. CBD-enriched vegetable oils can be consumed at mealtimes and at the same time enhance your favourite dishes. The only rule to know is that CBD and cannabinoïds in general don’t like heat. So, in order not to denature the cannabinoids or terpenes it contains, do not warm up the CBD oils.

All our products are laboratory tested.

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