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Despite the current controversies over cannabis, hemp is one of the oldest plants cultivated by man, as its fiber was used for textiles and for its medicinal properties under the form of cannabis sativa. Its use has continued over the centuries and it is still cultivated as an insulator or for textile use.

But at the time, the hemp composition was not known exactly. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the chemical compounds, the cannabinoids that are present in cannabaceae, were discovered. At the time, CBD and THC received the most active research and it was only around 1940 that a group of American researchers (Illinois) isolated CBD, however, at that time they considered it toxic and rejected any benefit to the human body and health. Nevertheless, in the 1960’s, an Israeli researcher, Raphael mechoulam, conducted studies on the composition of cannabinoids. He was able to demonstrate its virtues on certain pathologies. At that time, his research made possible to envisage the use of cannabis in pharmacology, in particular by using CBD and THC.

Then, for many years, plenty of tests were carried out, which made it possible to value the CBD for its effects on health and in particular the fight against anxiety. It was in the 1970’s that its benefits for pain and persistent nausea were discovered. In the 1990s, researchers were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of CBD against degeneration of brain cells, which would prove very useful for Alzheimer’s disease, which affects a large number of people. Subsequently, some American states legalized cannabis for therapeutic purposes, and then we could see drugs like Sativex appear, containing the same proportion of CBD and THC. Indeed, the molecules are very effective but they are even more effective when they are coupled, this is also called the entourage effect. This drug is particularly recommended for multiple sclerosis.

In France, Sativex is authorised on the market and has a marketing authorisation, but unfortunately it is still not available to patients due to a lack of agreement on its price. Despite all this, we can still widely see a change in mentalities around the issue of cannabis, particularly with the recent changes in legislation in the world and in Europe.

CBD, unlike its well-known cousin delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is not psychoactive. Indeed, the hemp plant has a lot of chemical components but the two main ones are CBD and THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant, so this means that you will not get a feeling of euphoria or any alteration as the osteopathic doctor and medical cannabis expert Junella CHIN DO can explain. However, she also explains that there may be exceptions to this in about 5% of people who report feeling impaired after taking CBD. Despite all the feedback from users and studies from all over the world, we can not boast of any therapeutic virtues of this product.

In France, the cultivation and consumption of cannabis is prohibited, but in fact, it is the consumption of THC that is illegal. This molecule is only present in few subspecies of hemp. Cannabis and THC are therefore banned in France, but the CBD has a legal vagueness that allows it to be consumed legally as long as the THC level is below 0.2%. European law, to which we are all subject, explains that products containing CBD must have a maximum of 0.2% THC in total. No law, at present, prohibits the use of CBD under the form of an electronic cigarette or any other way, so you can consume CBD with peace of mind, all our products stays within this legislation.

The CBD is therefore currently on sale in France on the principle of the free movement of goods and merchandise.

At present, CBD comes in different forms, some more consumed than others. We will see here several modes and routes of administration.

CBD oil

First of all, let’s start with one of the most widely used forms, named CBD oil, which is ingested as a drip directly under the tongue. This method of administration is widespread and users tell us that it is the most effective method of using CBD. The CBD drops are placed under the tongue to obtain a fairly rapid effect, usually 15 to 20 minutes maximum. In fact, under the tongue we have a lot of blood capillaries, which allows rapid absorption. As well as CBD oil, capsules exist, it is the same product but in a different form. Feedback from consumers tells us that the effects take longer to arrive (digestion) however they last longer. It is up to you to make your choice according to your needs.

CBD Flower

You can find CBD in a very widespread form, the flower: This product is quite controversial because of its resemblance to marijuana flowers, which contain much higher proportions of THC. CBD flowers have no psychotropic effect.


We advise you to consume the flower without combustion. First of all, because any combustion that is, absorbed in a smoky way is dangerous for your health. We therefore recommend consuming this product in a vaporized form using a portable or a living room vaporizer. This material does not burn the plant but heats it by convection, which brings out all the active ingredients,without combustion. For those who do not wish to consume it this way, you can also make CBD flowers infusions with our different varieties according to your wishes. However, CBD is fat-soluble, so it is only diluable in fat. When you prepare your infusion, always add a small knob of butter, a cloud of milk or any other fat at your convenience.

E-liquids CBD

Another widespread form of CBD is the use of eliquids. All the e-liquids we offer are THC-free and nicotine-free.

E-liquids are also available in different concentrations ranging from 50mg to 800mg for the most part. You will find particular flavors such as MANGO, NATURAL HEMP, etc… Many of our customers use the CBD in vaporization to try to ban cigarettes and in fact, many positive returns have reached us so far. The eliquids are consumed slightly differently from the eliquids that everyone knows, indeed, the vaporization of CBD is done with an electronic cigarette not exceeding 20 watts and 1.5ohm otherwise you risk to burn the active ingredients of the product when you vaporize it. You can also make your own eliquids using all the tools at your disposal to concoct your mixture.

In terms of CBD, many different products are available, you can also find derived products such as skin creams, now widespread, thanks to the moisturizing properties of hemp. Many people use it to fight against certain persistent pathologies such as psoriasis or eczema.

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