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    The premium quality of our legal cannabis products has been undeniably recognized by our customers since 2018.

    Our know-how allows us to offer you the best varieties of cannabidiol (CBD) in France in our stores and online

    CBD Flowers

    Our CBD flowers are harvested from the best legal cannabis plants available on the European market. Need advice? Here's how to choose your CBD flowers.

    We offer a wide choice of Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor hemp varieties with multiple benefits, with particular attention paid to the quality and origin of our products. You will find cannabis flowers with more or less high cannabidiol concentrations, but all our products respect the THC level below 0.3%, in accordance with French legislation.

    Nos fleurs CBD sont une sélection des meilleures fleurs de cannabis légal disponibles sur le marché Européen.
    Strong CBD flower Tropical Haze Mybud Shop

    Tropical Haze

    5.00 out of 5
    CBD Flowers Amnesia Indoor grown


    5.00 out of 5
    Strong CBD flower Lemon Candy Mybud Shop

    Lemon candy

    4.00 out of 5
    Strong CBD flower cannatonic Mybud Shop europe


    5.00 out of 5
    Harlequin CBD Flower, strong. Fast Delivery


    5.00 out of 5
    High quality CBD flowers Orange bud Mybud Shop europe

    Orange Bud

    Nos clients ont laissé 1284 évaluations
    Our commitment to stability in the quality of the selected products guarantees you the same great experience for your body and mind with every use
    Great product, good smell, texture, taste, guaranteed effects. Seller attentive, very professional. I recommend friends. Thank you Mybud, successful vacation.
    Lemmy Mazur
    Me who smoked cannabis in all its forms bho resin cake joint.. it's been just 2 months since I stopped. Finally, CBD that doesn't look like hay in the head or henna in the resin!
    Ghost Smoke
    I tasted this variety through a tobacco shop that buys from Mybud. The quality is crazy, very nice crunchy, pollen-filled buds and top-notch taste, keep it up

    CBD Hash

    Our CBD resins offer powerful and relaxing effects and are produced traditionally, respecting the cultures that have shaped them for years. Do you want to buy CBD resin? Here's how to choose your CBD resin.

    Discover our hashes and immerse yourself in the world of high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) products. Cannabis resin is generally more concentrated in cannabidiol than flowers, but the THC concentration of Mybud resins remains below 0.3% in accordance with French law.

    Nos fleurs CBD sont une sélection des meilleures fleurs de cannabis légal disponibles sur le marché Européen.

    Double Zero


    Afghan Black

    powerful hash ketama gold CBD

    Ketama Gold Hash


    CBD oils

    If you are prone to sleep disorders or stress, or you simply want to relax, our range of oils will meet your needs. If you're just starting out, here's how to choose your CBD oil and how to calculate your CBD dosage.

    Discover our wide range of CBD oils: natural oils, scented oils, broad or full spectrum, CBG or even melatonin. Made from organic MCT oil, our products greatly promote bioavailability for rapid and intense effects, without ever exceeding the level of 0.3% THC legal in France.

    Nos fleurs CBD sont une sélection des meilleures fleurs de cannabis légal disponibles sur le marché Européen.

    Ventes Flash

    Si vous recherchez des bons plans pour du CBD pas cher, c'est par ici !

    Afin de vous faire découvrir l'univers du cannabis dans toute sa complexité, Mybud met régulièrement en avant de nouveaux produits des prixs défiants toute concurrence ! Retrouvez des fleurs et résines CBD jusqu'à -60% pour une durée limitée à ne pas manquer !

    Nos fleurs CBD sont une sélection des meilleures fleurs de cannabis légal disponibles sur le marché Européen.

    CBD Animaux

    Le CBD permet de détendre votre animal pendant les transports, peut soulager les rhumastismes et leur procure un effet de bien-être général.

    Infusions CBD

    Les infusions et les thés au CBD sont un moyen saint, agréable et efficace de profiter de tous les bienfaits du cannabidiol.

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    Frequently asked questions about CBD

    CBD, hemp, cannabidiol, cannabis, what are we talking about?

    CBD stands for “cannabidiol”. Just like its cousin THC, this molecule is present in the hemp plant, known by its famous Latin name: Cannabis Sativa. In hemp, we find around a hundred cannabinoids including CBD and THC. They are mainly present in the flowers of the plant.

    However, unlike THC which is illegal above 0.3%, CBD is perfectly legal in France because it does not present psychoactive effects.

    What are the effects of CBD?

    Numerous studies on cannabidiol (CBD) report that this molecule has the following therapeutic effects:

    Anxiolytic: a reduction in stress and anxiety states is one of the best-known benefits of CBD,
    Anti-inflammatory: CBD is capable of reducing the inflammatory response of cells of the immune system in various pathological situations (cramps, aches, chronic pain, etc.),
    Improved sleep: cannabidiol improves the critical phase of falling asleep by promoting relaxation and muscle relaxation, reducing stress and chronic pain.
    Dermatological: CBD oil deeply hydrates the skin and limits feelings of tightness and certain redness.

    Are there any side effects?

    Very few people experience side effects after consuming CBD. However, in the event of excessive dosage of a poor quality product or an intolerant metabolism, some consumers could feel tired, experience a loss of appetite or digestive problems. Mybud guarantees controlled and optimal quality of its products.

    Warning: It is not recommended to consume CBD if you are pregnant or before driving if you feel tired.

    How to consume CBD?

    Depending on the type of product and your personal preferences, you can consume CBD in the following ways:

    • In infusions: hemp flowers can be consumed in infusions, a healthy and pleasant way to relax.
    • Sublingually: consuming your CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) guarantees rapid and complete effects,
    • By vaporizing/vaping: vaporization perfectly preserves the cannabidiol contained in CBD flowers, resins and concentrates.
    • By ingestion: you can consume CBD by eating it in candy or making delicious recipes.

    How to choose your CBD

    In order to find the CBD product that best suits you, you need to ask yourself why you want to consume legal CBD:

    • Flowers : they offer the greatest diversity of taste and scents as well as a certain flexibility when it comes to the method of consumption (vaporizer, infusions, etc.).
    • Oils : with or without fragrance, CBD oils allow you to benefit from the effects of cannabidiol quickly and easily.
    • CBD resins : these products are generally more concentrated than flowers, and therefore promote more powerful effects.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to be guided in your CBD purchase, or to ask for advice in a Mybud CBD Shop.

    A question about CBD?
    Read our F.A.Q.

    Do you want to know more,
    do not hesitate to consult our FAQ.
    En savoir plus

    ❓ How long do the effects of cannabidiol last?

    The effects of CBD can vary depending on several factors, such as the consumption method, dose, product quality, and the person's individual physiology. On average, here is an estimate of the duration of the effects of CBD according to different consumption methods:

    Inhalation (vaporization or smoke):

    • Onset: A few minutes after inhalation.
    • Duration: 2 to 3 hours.

    Sublingual (oils or tinctures under the tongue):

    • Onset: 15 to 45 minutes after administration.
    • Duration: 4 to 6 hours.

    Oral (capsules, capsules, food):

    • Start: 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion, depending on what you ate previously.
    • Duration: 6 to 8 hours.

    Topical (creams, balms, lotions):

    • Start: 25 to 45 minutes after application.
    • Duration: 3-4 hours, but this may vary depending on product concentration and area of ​​application.

    🧪 How to dose CBD?

    To better understand your needs, here is a guide to the dosages and effects of CBD flowers:

    Low dosage. 1-5 mg of CBD:

    • Description: Ideal for getting started and feeling the first effects of CBD. May help improve sleep and reduce mild stress.
    • Equivalence: 10mg to 50mg of CBD flowers.

    Average dosage. 6-15 mg of CBD:

    • Description: For those who are already familiar with CBD. May help relieve moderate pain, anxiety and other symptoms.
    • Equivalence: 60mg to 150mg of CBD flowers.

    High dosage. 16-30 mg of CBD:

    • Description: For those who need more relief. May be used to treat severe pain, sleep disturbances and other more intense symptoms.
    • Equivalence: 160mg to 300mg of CBD flowers

    Very high dosage. 30 mg and more of CBD:

    • Description: Ideal for people with specific needs or medical conditions.
    • Equivalence: 300mg of CBD flowers for 30mg of CBD.

    🕐 When to take CBD?

    To identify the optimal time to consume CBD, it is essential to take into account your personal needs and the desired effect. CBD can address different concerns, such as:

    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Reduce persistent pain
    • Optimize sleep
    • Stimulate concentration and inspiration

    Depending on your aspirations, the time to take CBD may vary:

    Waking up for a dynamic boost: If your goal is to benefit from the invigorating virtues of CBD and improve your concentration, it is best to consume it in the morning, during breakfast. This will give you the momentum you need to tackle the day with vigor.

    During the day to combat stress and discomfort: For those dealing with anxiety, stress or pain during the day, taking CBD regularly can be beneficial. For example, a dose after lunch can help overcome afternoon pressures and maintain a calm attitude.

    Evening for Restful Sleep: If your goal is to enrich the quality of your sleep, it is suggested to consume CBD in the evening, about an hour before bed. This will allow the CBD to interact with your nervous system, facilitating relaxation conducive to deep sleep.

    📅 Can you take CBD every day?

    Taking CBD every day is generally considered safe, provided you don't experience any side effects. CBD is not an addictive substance, and daily use - even heavy use - will not lead to physical or psychological dependence. For people using CBD to manage specific symptoms, stopping its use should not result in noticeable withdrawal symptoms. However, it is possible that symptoms initially treated with CBD may return after stopping use.

    On the other hand, it is strongly recommended not to exceed 1mg/kg of CBD per day. For example, if you weigh 70kg, you should not consume more than 70mg of CBD in 24 hours.

    🏠 How to store your CBD products?

    We advise you to keep all your products away from heat and light. A closed and dry place is therefore very suitable. Ideally, properly closed glass jars make perfect containers for flowers or CBD resin. If you want to keep your product for a long time, or preserve its terpenes as best as possible, we recommend that you place a Boveda (regulates humidity and preserves terpenes) in the container.

    For CBD oil, you can store it in a dry place at room temperature, no higher than 25 degrees.

    We do not recommend putting it in the refrigerator. Good storage conditions will guarantee the effect of your products for longer.

    You can request personalized advice from our customer service or in a CBD Shop.

    💊 What pathologies does CBD help to treat?

    According to our customers suffering from specific pathologies such as endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease or osteoarthritis, cannabidiol effectively reduces their pain thanks to its analgesic action. Overall, legal cannabis consumers report a state of well-being. The main advantage of CBD is that it does not produce a psychotropic or addictive effect, unlike THC. Its other advantage is that it constitutes a natural alternative which will perfectly suit customers looking for well-being and a product that respects their body.

    ⚖️ Is CBD legal in France?

    Cannabidiol is legal in France, but it must respect certain conditions. The THC level of any CBD product cannot exceed 0.3%.
    Beyond that, the product is considered narcotic and illegal. CBD products available in Mybud Shop stores meet these criteria and are therefore legal and safe to use.

    🙋‍♂️ Is cannabidiol a drug?

    According to the WHO, CBD is neither harmful nor considered a drug. CBD's difficulty in standing out as a beneficial plant resource stems from its confusion with THC, its psychoactive and dangerous cousin. While CBD offers benefits for various disorders, THC, banned in France, can cause severe psychotropic effects and poses a risk to health and society. These substances often come in the form of smoking products. The sale and consumption of CBD is legal in France if the THC level of the product is less than 0.3%. CBD can even help with withdrawal from various addictions.

    ⌛ How long does CBD stay in saliva?

    CBD may remain detectable in saliva for a variable period of time, depending on several factors. The concentration of CBD decreases quickly, often becoming undetectable in just 2 hours. On average, CBD is detectable in saliva only during the first 6 hours after consumption. Take into consideration that this duration may vary depending on several factors, such as the dose consumed, the individual's metabolic rate, body weight, age, hydration level and cannabinoid tolerance.

    It is also worth noting that CBD, as a non-psychoactive substance, is not typically tested for in standard drug tests that primarily seek to detect THC. Additionally, CBD-specific tests are rare and expensive, and they are not commonly used in practice.

    However, even tiny traces of THC can be detected by testing.

    🚗 Can you drive after consuming CBD?

    We recommend that you do not drive after consuming a product containing cannabidiol. First of all to avoid any risk of drowsiness. But also, in order not to risk a roadside inspection which would turn out to be positive. Indeed, the very low level of THC present in CBD products can still be detected by saliva tests. Even if this type of case is rare, we advise you not to consume CBD before getting behind the wheel.

    🧬 What are the differences between CBD and THC?

    Hemp is made up of several hundred cannabinoids. These include CBD, or cannabidiol, and THC, a psychoactive molecule. However, their effects are very different. Indeed, THC is famous for its psychotropic effects and for modifying the state of consciousness of its user. Consumers generally use it recreationally. Cannabidiol, for its part, is a molecule that generates a calming effect. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabidiol does not produce psychotropic effects and is therefore not dangerous for health.

    💎 Why buy CBD from Mybud?

    Mybud is above all the French passion for cannabis. When CBD appeared in France, we were all excited. It didn't take us long to become disillusioned: yellowish flowers, tasteless resins... This is why Morgan founded Mybud. Today the leader in cannabis in France, we want you to discover real cannabis, the one that has grown in the best conditions to offer you a pleasant and authentic experience.

    In addition, we develop our own product lines to be able to control their composition. Mybud is also a French company which develops its own products to offer the best to its customers.

    🍁 What products can you find in a CBD shop?

    A CBD Shop like Mybud offers all derivatives of CBD products as well as raw products. In particular CBD flowers (indoor, greenhouse, outdoor, organic), offering a greater diversity of aromas than other products and can have quite varied concentrations. You will also find resins (pollens, charas). They are also a relatively concentrated product. They offer a myriad of different tastes than flowers, and can be consumed in the same way. Oils (full spectrum, broad spectrum), one of the most powerful products because they can be very concentrated. The sublingual absorption method is also one of the most effective. cosmetics, e-liquids, infusions and accessories.

    📦 Are CBD purchases and shipments discreet?

    We ship your orders in neutral cardboard sleeves without mention of CBD and without reference to our CBD shop. Our packages are shipped the same day for all orders placed before 3 p.m. We offer delivery methods by Colissimo (home and relay point) and Chronopost. You can track your orders using a tracking number.

    Delivery is free from €50, so don't wait any longer and order now from our online CBD store.

    💳 What payment methods are available on Mybudshop.fr?

    Our Viva Wallet 3D Secure payment system guarantees you maximum security. You can place your order by credit card or by Google Pay.

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