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You have the soul of an entrepreneur? You want to join the great family of hemp and open your own CBD shop in France or Europe?
Don't hesitate to join the Mybud Shop network and take advantage of a turnkey CBD franchise package from 12 500€.
I open my CBD Shop
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Why become a CBD Mybud Shop franchisee

CBD specialist in France
since 2018
N°1 in visibility on Google
Interior design,
sign, 1st stock...
Everything is included!
Enjoy a CBD franchise at a moderate cost, the brand license is offered.
Join a high growth sector
and benefit from
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How is the CBD market in Euurope?

CBD has been gradually democratized for several years in France. Indeed, supermarkets and pharmacies are now selling hemp-based products. This large-scale marketing is gradually ending the confusion between recreational cannabis and CBD. Moreover, the consumption of cannabidiol is growing considerably and is attracting more and more varied populations. It is important to remember that France is one of the main producers of cannabis in Europe. Hemp represents an important economic manna for the country. The CBD sector is therefore very promising in France.

Some figures on CBD in France

For the year 2022, the French CBD market is estimated at :
700 Million Euros


Of consumers in 2021


CBD Shops


Hectares of CBD production


Tons each year
I open my CBD Shop

How much does it cost to open a CBD franchise?

The opening of a CBD store costs on average between 8 000 and 15 000 € HT. From the 4th month of operation, royalties of up to 3.5% of your turnover before tax will be due to the franchisor. These rates correspond to our entry fees, the interior and exterior layout, the supply of your first stock as well as access to our logistics, marketing and communication services. We draw your attention to the fact that you are totally independent and responsible in the management of your company. Our role is to accompany you and to provide you with all the keys to success. To give you a practical example: we order the mandatory paint but it will be your responsibility to paint your premises.

How to choose your CBD franchise

Before taking the plunge, we invite you to check the following criteria. First, we recommend that you select a franchise whose products you are passionate about. In addition, it is advisable to feel an affinity with the values and philosophy of the company. You should feel comfortable with the relationship as well as with the outlet.
We invite you to approach a company of which you are or would like to be a customer. It is also important to find out about the cost of the franchise: entry fees, cost of the premises, inventory and personnel if applicable. Furthermore, the profitability of the franchise is another major factor to take into account. Pay attention to the profitability and sustainability of your project and the brand. For example, you will have to estimate your projected balance sheet.

The know-how of our experts has made the reputation of Mybud Shop. Our products and our concept seduce hundreds of consumers every day. Our CBD franchise network offers all the chances of success to our franchisees. Thanks to our complete support, they can reach their break-even point in their first year of business with complete peace of mind. Our team is focused on your success!

Is CBD legal?

In Europe, CBD is not considered a narcotic substance. You can therefore sell and buy CBD legally. However, the amount of THC in your products must not exceed 0.3%. Moreover, they must be made from cannabis varieties certified by the European Union.
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Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer? Contact our team.
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Do I have to respect a minimum surface for my CBD store

We advise you to find a space of about 20-40 ㎡ in order to welcome your customers in optimal conditions. A larger space will also allow you to create a more aesthetic and airy presentation of your products by also expanding the range offered.

Where can I locate my CBD franchise?

We recommend that you choose a city of at least 10,000 inhabitants as well as medium and large cities, you will optimize your chances of obtaining a substantial clientele. However, any location option is possible and will be studied by us. Obviously, if your CBD store is located on a busy road, you will have a major advantage to attract more customers.

Is a CBD store profitable? After how long?

This depends on several factors: the location of your store, the presence of competitors in the area and of course your skills! However, by experience, we can estimate an average of 3 months maximum for the profitability of your CBD shop. The CBD sector being a buoyant and growing market, a legal CBD store is profitable very quickly.

How much does it cost to buy the products?

This information is confidential until your request has been seriously considered. We can assure you that our franchisees benefit from advantageous rates and important discounts. These discounts will allow you to obtain a very fast return on investment and comfortable margins.

What is the procedure to be restocked?

Our company has a team dedicated to CBD Mybud Shop franchises. This team will quickly process all your requests. To replenish your stock, there is nothing easier! Just send your order form by email to our franchise department. We then ensure a fast and secure delivery with a personalized follow-up.

Please note that a current range of products (flowers, resins, oils, moonrocks and cosmetics) in the store is required. Apart from these products, we will propose you other varieties, ranges, according to our arrivals, of your top sales CBD and the request of your customers obviously.

Is it possible to have your own website and/or your own communication?

It is not possible for our franchises to create their own website in order to centralize information. Concerning the communication, it is proposed by our marketing department to all our stores.

Is it possible to be associated with other brands/products

No, in principle you cannot partner with a secondary business. However, the parent company is of course open to all partnership proposals etc... You can only sell the products offered by Mybud Shop.

What services are included in your support?

First of all, we offer you a turnkey store (furniture, stocks, sign). Our team also provides you with legal assistance and accompanies you if necessary on administrative matters. Furthermore, we provide you with the necessary POS material for your products as well as the communication surrounding your store.

We also send you all the analyses that certify the composition of your products. Our services include of course ultra-competitive rates. Finally, you will benefit from training prior to your opening and ongoing coaching.

What will be the legal status of my store?

The legal status of your store is chosen at your convenience. We invite you to get advice from a chartered accountant or a lawyer. He or she will suggest the status that best suits your personal and financial situation. Generally, our franchisees opt for an SAS or a SARL. However, we advise you against the status of auto entreprise, as you will exceed the authorized annual turnover.

Discover the different stages of creation :
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Request for information via our form
Contact by our dedicated team
Analysis and estimation of your opening project
Design and layout of your CBD shop
Inauguration of your CBD Mybud store
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I open my CBD shop
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