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Hash for dummies

Hashish, hash, teuteu or pot are all more or less slang names for what connoisseurs call cannabis resin.

The resin has a bad reputation for a fringe of consumers. MyBud Shop is here to break this negative image! Whether its detractors like it or not, hashish is a noble product. It is obtained by direct processing of cannabis plants. There are several ways of producing resin. Here is a short summary.

the Afghan

Consumers all over the world have already heard about these resins. Mainly produced in countries neighbouring India, such as Afghanistan or Pakistan. The region of production of this resin is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. A particular climate allows local cannabis species to thrive in what is mostly arid land.
But how is Afghan produced? The main plant originally produced locally is Mazar I Sharif. This small bush can regularly reach 3 to 4 metres in height. It is harvested at maturity, at the beginning of winter. The plants are beaten to extract the desired plant particles and trichomes. There are then several variants regarding the shaping of the resin. But it should be remembered that the cannabis extracts are pressed and heated to obtain the famous Afghan resin.

the Moroccan

Other region, other country, other culture. The plateaux of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains are known to be historically home to a strong cannabis culture. Culturally, the Rif region is the main producer of resin. Cannabis plants have been cultivated here for thousands of years and their resin has been extracted since that time.
The method of production and the varieties used vary greatly. The Moroccan plateaux are known to be the cradle of the sativa-dominant species. Hybridization between species is such in Morocco that the original varieties are no longer identifiable. Back to the manufacturing process, once the plants are cut, they are dried. They are then beaten through a sieve to extract fine plant particles, trichomes and pollen grains remaining in the plant. The resulting compounds are then pressed to obtain a so-called Moroccan resin.

Quality is a must

MyBud Shop has selected a range of resins for you both for their taste quality and their high CBD content. On our site you will find resins in the purest tradition of dark and fatty hash, Black Hash and Charas Hash.

To satisfy the most demanding CBD hash consumers, MyBud Shop has also selected resins with a more vegetable appearance. Thus, Amnesia hash, Strawberry Hash and CBG Hash offer consumers a different choice.

The legal point about the resin

The legislation is the same as for the flowers, which is logical considering that the resin is produced from the entire hemp plant, including the flowers.

The distinction between CBD, cannabidiol, and THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is also the key here. MyBud Shop offers resins with high levels of CBD, making them powerful CBD hash with a THC concentration of less than 0.2%.

The balance that exists among the cannabinoids in our resins can ensure relaxing or analgesic effects. However, no psychotropic action is caused by the consumption of resins on sale at MyBud Shop.

All the products offered on our site comply with current European regulations.

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