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BANANA KUSH, a variety known and recognized for the strong smell of his buds. This one is the result of a cross between GHOST OG and SKUNK HAZE genetics. The characteristics of a KUSH type variety remain dominant, the tart tastes and aromas are clearly recognizable. The origin of these plants can be found on the east coast of the USA. Unfortunately only few details are known about the genesis of this variety.


The CBD flowers of our BANANA KUSH are of medium size, but some of them can grow surprisingly large and reach very large volumes. The buds are more or less airy and present a characteristic green color with brown pistils. Appreciated by legal cannabis lovers, BANANA KUSH is a reference variety.


As his name indicates so well, this BANANA KUSH that MYBUD has selected is powerful in banana aromas, but also fresh lemon. During tasting, you will be immediately seduced by the very sweet aromas of this mythical variety.

Recommendations: this product is intended for vaporization or infusion with a fatty substance such as coconut oil, cloud of milk, etc. We comply with current legislation and market only the authorized parts of the plant, legal throughout Europe.
This product is not recommended for pregnant women. Forbidden to minors.