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Banana kush

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Texture et Aspect

BANANA KUSH, variety known and recognized for the strong smell that emanates from its flowers. It is the result of a cross between GHOST OG genetics and SKUNK HAZE. The characteristics of a KUSH-type variety remain dominant, the tangy tastes and aromas are clearly recognizable. The origin of these plants is located on the east coast of the USA. Unfortunately few details are known about the genesis of this strain.
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As its name indicates so well, this BANANA KUSH that MYBUD has selected is powerful in aromas of banana, but also of fresh lemon. During the tasting, you will immediately be seduced by the very sweet aromas of this variety which has become legendary.

Appearance of the flower

The CBD flowers of our BANANA KUSH are of medium size, some can nevertheless develop surprisingly to reach very large volumes. The buds are more or less airy and have a characteristic green color marked by brown pistils. Appreciated by lovers of legal cannabis, BANANA KUSH is a reference variety.

Mode of cultivation

The HYDRO culture behind our BANANA KUSH guarantees quality flowering throughout the year. The main cultivation parameters are optimized to promote optimal growth and harvest for each plant. Last advantage of this method of cultivation, a high level of CBD is produced by plants benefiting from such conditions.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The CBD+CBDa rate is between 6 and 8% in our BANANA KUSH variety. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website.

5 reviews for Banana kush

  1. Phils

    Great taste and smell ! I’ll do it again ! Good experience !

  2. Mike

    Good taste and nice head good product quality at the date

  3. Crazy

    A very fruity smell and taste the best for me!

  4. Nénette

    Superb smell and good taste in the mouth. 👍

  5. Marie

    nice taste, good relaxing effect.

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