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Texture et Aspect

You dreamed of it, MYBUD made it! Discover THE MOST POWERFUL CBD FLOWER ON THE MARKET! The CBD ASTEROID has arrived, we have developed with our partner producers, a flower concentrated in CBD, more than 85%! Made from one of our flagship varieties, GELATO, the appearance, taste and power of this flower are exceptional.
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The ASTEROID CBD that we have selected gives off a strong lemony scent that is particularly recognizable. This product is very powerful and you will realize it immediately upon tasting. You will be invaded by important aromas of fresh fruit and strawberry ice cream immediately reminiscent of our famous GELATO. Surprise and astonishment are there, thanks to subtle sweet notes and a slight taste of lemon. Your taste buds will be satisfied! Finally, you will appreciate this pleasant sensation that this ASTEROID CBD leaves.

Appearance of the flower

CBD ASTEROID is white in color. Above this snowy aspect develops very light reflections and sparkles. You will be surprised by this product which is ultra compact, a metal grinder is a must.

Mode of cultivation

The asteroid comes from a flower of Gelato Indoor.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The rate of CBD + CBDa is over 85% in our ASTEROID CBD. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website. MANUFACTURING ASTEROID CBD is made from one of our flagship varieties, GELATO. The flowers are first selected in order to keep only the most qualitative flowers. They are then covered with CBD crystals previously dissolved and then recrystallized directly on the flower. The last step in the process is to coat the buds in 60% CBD Wax and then dip them in 99.8% CBD Crystals powder. Once this process is complete, we let it dry and crystallize everything to obtain an ultra-concentrated flower extract in CBD, hard and compact like MOONROCK. But with even more powerful aromas and effects. Notice to amateurs!

10 reviews for Asteroid

  1. Cha

    Perfection, quality at the rendezvous. Surprising from the first puff to the last

  2. Stephane Rozynek

    Great product. I love it. It’s a treat. Great site and great team. Nice

  3. Gerard

    The best

  4. Théo

    Guaranteed relaxing effect, top product, delivered quickly.

  5. Antoine

    Awesome! Very very strong in the mouth compared to Moonrock, special taste, huge relaxing effect! One of the best CBD product to date

  6. Ben

    Powerful product for cbd really did not hesitate if you have the opportunity ✌🏼

  7. George

    Very good quality product. Very pleasant taste and relaxing effect thanks to its high cbd content.

  8. Paul

    Strong product, with a good taste, the top 👍

  9. Seb

    Strong taste, very relaxing product.

  10. Jules

    By far the best CBD product I’ve ever tasted, and with its high CBD content, you can really feel the effects…

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