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Mybud Shop meets all the needs of professionals. Whether you are a tobacco shop, a CBD brand, an association or a baker, we provide you with quality CBD in quantity. If you need to buy CBD by the kilogram, you are in good hands!
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Our values

100 % lEgal
All our CBD products have a THC level lower than 0.2%. All our varieties are analyzed and certified by a specialized French laboratory.
Our CBD flowers and CBD resins come mainly from Italian, Swiss and French hemp cultures.
They are the best European productions.
We pay special attention to each of our CBD products. They are all sorted, selected and checked by our experts. Their packaging and storage are also subject to a special treatment to preserve their properties.
Express processing of your CBD wholesale order by our teams.
Home delivery in 24/48 hours by our private transport partners.

The CBD wholesaler in France

We are the leader of CBD in France since 2018. We sell CBD to individuals and professionals. We offer high quality cannabidiol products. Our online CBD shop offers a wide range of CBD products. From CBD flowers, CBD resins to concentrates and moonrocks, we have the ability to provide you with kilograms of CBD as an experienced legal cannabis wholesaler. We have been a CBD wholesaler for years. Our expertise in the field of cannabidiol allows us to support companies of various sizes, structures and sectors. Our know-how is recognized by hemp professionals. Indeed, our experts sort and select the best varieties of the market in order to provide you only premium products. Our quality/price ratio is also one of the major assets of our CBD wholesale company in France and Europe.

How to choose your CBD wholesaler?

In order to choose your CBD wholesaler, we advise you to make sure that he offers the products you need and in the quantities you want. You can also ask him if he regularly receives new products in order to vary your offer.

Don't hesitate to look at their product catalog in order to get an idea of the prices they charge. Beyond the financial aspect, we advise you to check if your values are compatible.

Indeed, an effective and long-term collaboration is based on trust, transparency and good understanding. It is therefore preferable that your CBD wholesaler is a brand recognized for its know-how and its know-how.

We invite you to read the opinions and testimonials of other professionals on the wholesalers of your choice.

Why choose Mybud Shop as a CBD retailer?

Working with Mybud Shop, you are guaranteed to receive top-of-the-range products at attractive prices. We regularly renew our offer dedicated to professionals. We adapt to the needs of consumers. Thus, our novelties correspond to the desires of the moment. We offer a variety of products that are often out of the ordinary. Our professional catalog includes powerful and light products so that beginners can also find their happiness.
Our customer reviews and our referencing on Google testify to the notoriety and quality of our offer. By reselling our products, you increase the probability of getting a good positioning on the internet.

A dedicated service within our structure exists to accompany the companies. Our varieties are delivered to your door by an external professional delivery service. This secure exchange system allows us to follow up on your file in real time and to provide you with a local service throughout the country.

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Is there a minimum order quantity?

Generally the orders of CBD for professionals start at 100 g. However, with Mybud Shop CBD France, there is no minimum order. You have the opportunity to have CBD delivered to you by the kilogram while taking advantage of wholesale market prices.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer? Contact our team.

Why buy CBD from a wholesaler?

The main reason to buy CBD from a professional supplier is that buying in large quantities guarantees you lower prices. You will save a lot of money by buying your CBD from a wholesaler. Moreover, you will also benefit from controlled products.

Most of the CBD players trust professional resellers. They thus enjoy their brand image.

How to get CBD in Europe?

If you are a CBD professional, it is more convenient to use a CBD wholesaler to receive quality products. With Mybud Shop, you can send us your request by email after receiving our professional catalog. We process bulk CBD requests very quickly.

Where do CBD sellers get their supplies?

There are wholesalers in several countries, especially in Europe. However, if you want to be sure that your products comply with French legislation, we advise you to choose a CBD wholesaler in France. Apart from this legislative aspect, choosing a French reseller also guarantees you a fast and secure delivery.

What are the benefits of buying CBD by the kilogram?

Buying products "in bulk" is the most cost-effective solution in the short and long term. In summary, the main advantage of ordering from a CBD wholesaler is financial. Indeed, the price per unit is much lower when you buy in bulk. Moreover, most suppliers offer additional discounts or reductions. The final amount is really advantageous and will allow you to make considerable savings.

Buying CBD from a wholesaler also implies quality products. Indeed, as a professional reseller, its products should comply with the legislation in force. At Mybud Shop, all our products respect a rate of THC lower than 0,2%. Our varieties are checked by a specialized laboratory. These controls attest to their quality and composition.

The advantage of ordering CBD from an official supplier is that you can benefit from expert advice. Our specialists are also present to give you indications and advice in the resale of CBD. Our dedicated pro service is very responsive and will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Finally, the transport and the routing of your goods are completely managed by your wholesaler. With Mybud Shop, your products are delivered very quickly. It is also possible to trace their transport thanks to a personalized follow-up.

Can we order CBD by the kilogram without being a professional?

Unfortunately, we only offer CBD in bulk to companies and professionals with a KBIS. Nevertheless, it is possible to order our flowers by bag of 50 g if you are an individual.

In which countries is it possible to have CBD delivered in bulk?

We deliver CBD "in bulk" in France and Europe. All our shipments are sent by Colissimo.

Is CBD legal?

In Europe, CBD is not considered a narcotic substance. You can therefore sell and buy CBD legally. However, the concentration of THC must not exceed 0.2% in all CBD products.

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