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Texture et Aspect

Zkittlez is a legal cannabis strain, very popular and appreciated by lovers of CBD flowers. Born in the USA, many times awarded and resulting from a cross with a Grape Ape, this mysterious strain with indica dominance, will know how to awaken your taste buds. Expect a festival of flavors reminiscent of the candies of a famous brand. Are you ready to test the "Taste the Rainbow" effect?!
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Zkittlez expresses itself with sweet flavors of candy (mixture of tropical fruits), accompanied by an acidic, even spicy touch of forest fruits and berries. A sure value, with subtle and surprising aromas that all lovers of legal CBD cannabis love.

Appearance of the flower

The flowers of the Zkittlez are medium and hard. With a beautiful green color, browned pistils, and milky trichomes, these buds will delight you both visually and tastefully.

Mode of cultivation

The Zkittlez CBD variety is a flower cultivated in the ground, and indoors by seasoned growers. This cultivation method allows us to offer you premium quality on our products, and the guarantee of a strong taste and smell as soon as the bag is opened.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The CBD content in this flower is over 7%. The THC level, meanwhile, is less than 0.3%, as for all the products offered on our website.


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