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CBD Flowers

Mybud offers many light cannabis flowers of Swiss quality. The excellence of our products is our main concern, the Mybud team regularly travels to its European suppliers to ensure a consistent arrival of flowers both for their cannabinoid levels, their aspects or their tastes. Our main suppliers are located in Switzerland and Italy. They ensure Mybud a qualitative supply throughout the year in powerful CBD flowers.

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Frequently Asked Question about CBD flowers

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What is the CBD flower?

As the meaning of "Mybud Shop" indicates, the flowers come from the buds of the hemp plant. They are harvested while they are in bloom because that is when they produce cannabinoids and CBD resin. The flowers are produced only from the female plants. The main differences between the flowers lie in their varieties, their tastes, their aromas, their colors, their contents in cannabidiol and their modes of culture. The flowers can be cultivated in 3 ways: the outdoor culture (outside), the indoor culture (inside) and the greenhouse culture (under greenhouse). Each type of culture has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cultivation methods

  • The outdoor culture

    This method of cultivation allows the flowers to grow naturally with a contribution of light, soil and water that requires very little human intervention. This type of culture is very well known for the authenticity of its flowers and its developed aromas. However, the quantity and quality of the flowers will depend on the weather and potential pests.


  • Greenhouse cultivation

    The greenhouse culture is a perfect in-between. Indeed, the flowers grow in a natural soil and benefit from the sun during the day. At night, artificial lights take over to help them continue their growth. These plants are protected from temperature changes and external aggressions. This method of cultivation gives very satisfactory results in terms of flower quality.


  • Indoor growing

    Flowers that grow indoors are totally dependent on humans. Indeed, the grower can optimize every factor related to the growth of the plant such as light, CO2 level, water, temperature etc. Thanks to these optimized parameters, the quality of flowers grown indoors is excellent.

Known and recognized flowers

Far from listing only original hemp varieties, Mybud Shop also offers the heavyweights in the field of flowering tops. Super Silver Haze and Harlequin make our customers happy when they are looking for powerful flowers. At the same time, other consumers are looking for softer, lighter products. Tropical haze is ideal for the softness of its effects. A balanced taste and a rate of CBD of 7,9 % will delight the persons eager to consume a quality flower which will not deprive them of energy. Moreover, the price of this variety classifies it directly in the category of the cheap flowers.

We propose flowers with different price entries as well as with 5 levels of concentration of CBD going from 5 to 85%. You will also find several flavors like mango, mint, citrus and even ice cream! We can recommend "Asteroid" if you are already a consumer. It is the most powerful flower on the market. If you are a beginner, we recommend the "Cheese" or "Lemon Candy" flower which has a lower concentration.

How to consume the legal cannabis flower?

Light cannabis lends itself to different modes of consumption. However, we draw your attention to the dangers of smoking CBD. We strongly advise you against this practice, which is harmful to your health. Indeed, tobacco is a dangerous and addictive substance. CBD can be consumed in various ways in complete safety:

  • Vaporization

Formerly reserved for the experts, the vaporization is democratized today. Small instructions for beginners. To vaporize, you will need a vaporizer. This tool will enable you to heat your flowers beforehand crushed and to extract the principal active compounds of it. In our case, the cannabidiol and the various cannabinoids present in your flowers.

The real added value of these devices is the extraction power they offer without causing combustion of the plant material. We speak then of phyto-inhalation.
The reference brand is now German, Volcano. It proposes various vaporizers of spoche or of living room. Discover them on our site!

  • The infusion

Simply place the whole tea ball in a saucepan, then fill it halfway with cold water. Using a coffee filter and a funnel, combine the heated water, butter (or other fatty substance) and some crushed flowers in the infuser of your choice. You're done! Let it steep for a few minutes before drinking your delicious beverage!
Brewing with cannabis flowers is a breeze. The only thing to take into account is the liposoluble profile of cannabinoids, in other words, this molecule dissolves in fat and not in hot water.

  • In food

All our flowers can be cooked or used as seasoning for your dishes. After being crushed, your heads can be used as a condiment when dressing your plates. You should know that many recipes, some very simple, others more elaborate, can be declined using hemp flowers.

How to store your hemp flowers?

The ideal way to store your CBD flowers is in a shady, dry space. You can store them in well-sealed glass jars in a closet or on a shelf in a cool place. Proper storage will allow your flowers to retain their effects longer!

What varieties of flowers are available?

We distinguish mainly 2 types of flowers:

Sativa: these flowers generally develop in Asia in a tropical climate. They are famous for their energizing properties.
Indica: this type of flowers are from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Relaxing and soothing, their effects allow to soften your daily life.

Order your CBD flowers from the leader of CBD in France

We offer a wide selection of flowers for the best quality/price ratio. Regularly, new products are available on our website or in our store. Our large choice includes indoor, outdoor and greenhouse flowers. For all flower orders placed before 5pm, you are delivered in 2 working days with Colissimo. This period can be extended to 8 days depending on certain exceptional situations of the carrier. Our shipments guarantee a discreet and secure delivery.

Buy powerful CBD flowers

At Mybud Shop, seasoned consumers will be pleased to find powerful flowers. Their high concentration in CBD confer them fast and sustained effects. Unique aromas and flavors will allow you to enjoy a relaxing moment. We consider that a flower is powerful when its rate of cannabidiol is higher than 10%. Certain flowers have rates reaching the 90% of CBD because we added crystals of CBD to optimize its power. We draw your attention to the potential risk of drowsiness in case of overdose.

The powerful flowers in CBD have effects, according to its consumers, which last longer in time. Indeed, they would allow you to fall asleep better and to relax you intensely. As for all our other products, the powerful flowers of CBD are without dangers for your health and without psychotropic effect.

How to consume its powerful CBD flowers?

As for classic flowers, the more powerful flowers are enjoyed in infusion, inhalation or vaporization. You can also integrate them in your culinary dishes. Do not forget that the flowers of CBD are to be mixed with a fat (milk, vegetable oil). Finally, if you are not used to cannabidiol, we recommend you to start with a light dosage and to increase it step by step according to your tolerance.

Looking for cheap CBD flowers?

Our offer is adapted to all budgets, if one of your main criteria is the price, we have what you need!

Low prices do not always mean low quality. On the contrary, at Mybud Shop, our quality/price ratio is one of our major assets. You will find on our site and in our stores varieties at minimum prices with excellent quality.

At the appointment: quality, flavors, aromas, unexpected effects and attractive prices! The advantage of this selection of flowers is that you will not need to ruin yourself to find your sleep, relax or reduce your pains. The Trim and the Mix Mini Buds are our 2 most recommended varieties by our customers for small budgets. They are both elaborated by our care to guarantee you the necessary quality. Their rate of CBD is included between 2 and 8%. Our flowers have all a rate of THC lower than 0,2%.

Is there a minimum age to consume CBD flowers?

Since its democratization, the CBD hemp flower attracts more and more French people. Despite some very promising scientific studies on the virtues of CBD, the presence of 0.2% THC in the flowers does not allow minors to consume it. It will be necessary to wait until 18 years to become a customer at Mybud Shop.

Why buy CBD flowers at Mybud Shop?

To be a customer in our stores or on our website is to be sure of the quality and conformity of your product. Our selection is also based on the most attractive prices of the market as well as on numerous commercial operations. We regularly update our novelties by proposing you the most beautiful heads.
The quality of our products is attested by our customers on our website. You can find all our customer reviews which give a note to our different varieties of flowers.
We communicate regularly with our farmers in order to offer only flowers that meet the current requirements of our customers. The composition of our flower heads is scrupulously analyzed in a specialized laboratory. The certificate of analysis of each flower is available on request.

For any order of CBD flowers placed before 3pm, we send your package the same day. You will usually receive it within 48 hours by Colissimo. You will have the possibility of following directly its routing thanks to an effective follow-up of parcel.
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