Discover all our varieties of CBD flowers.

MYBUD SHOP has selected for you quality CBD flowers for their aroma, appearance or quantity of cannabinoids.
You will find here several varieties with different cannabinoid concentrations and multiple aromas.

Some of you will appreciate more fruity and sweet varieties, others will prefer more earthy varieties such as kush, all tastes are in the nature! Lovers of powerful products at the CBD? Find here the “Moonrock 70% CBD” and exclusively MYBUD our “Asteroid 85% CBD”.

Our products are shipped in an airtight and opaque packaging. Once the bag is opened, you will be filled with the powerful aromas of our CBD flowers. All our products respect the European legislation in force.

CBD Discount

Low cost CBD flowers, affordable CBD resins and other cannabidiol enriched products are available through this discount section.
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Exclusive varieties

In order to always satisfy its consumers, the Mybud Shop team is constantly on the lookout for new CBD cannabis varieties. The latest exclusive variety on our platform is the SPRING KUSH. Developed in partnership with our suppliers, this flower offers surprising aromas as well as a CBD+CBDa rate of up to 9.3%. Notice to all those who love novelty and wish to discover its soothing effects!

In the same way, MyBud Shop was one of the first French shops to offer you a product like the Asteroid. Now well known in the world of CBD, for its effects and its very high cannabidiol level, the MyBud team wanted you to benefit from this product as soon as it arrived on the market.

Known and recognised flowers

MyBud Shop does not only offer original marijuana varieties, but also the heavyweights in the field of CBD flowers. Super Silver Haze and Harlequin are a delight for our customers looking for powerful flowers. At the same time, other consumers are moving towards softer, lighter CBD products. Tropical haze is ideal for the softness of its effects. A balanced taste and a CBD content of 7.9% will delight people who want to consume a quality flower that will not deprive them of energy. Moreover, the price of this variety puts her directly in the category of cheap CBD cannabis flowers.

Method of consumption

CBD cannabis flowers lend themselves to different modes of consumption.


Formerly reserved for CBD experts, spraying is now becoming more democratic. Small instructions for beginners. To vaporize, you will need a vaporizer. This tool will allow you to heat your previously crushed flowers and extract the main active compounds. In our case, cannabidiol (CBD) and the various cannabinoids present in your flowers.

The real added value of these devices is the extracting power they offer without causing combustion of the plant matter. This is known as phyto-inhalation.
The reference brand today is German, Volcano. It offers various pocket or living room sprayers. Discover them on our website!

The infusion

Warm water, some fat (butter, coconut oil, whole milk, etc.), a few grilled flowers in a tea ball and that’s it. Wait a few minutes and enjoy your delicious beverage!

Brewing an infusion with CBD cannabis flowers is child’s play. The only thing to take into account is the fat-soluble profile of the cannabinoids, i.e. CBD dissolves in fat and not in hot water.

Culinary CBD

All our flowers can be cooked or used as seasoning for your small dishes. After being crushed, your CBD heads can be used as a condiment when dressing your plates. Many recipes, some very simple and others more elaborate, can be made using CBD hemp flowers.


All the CBD cannabis flowers offered by MyBud Shop, from the cheapest to the most powerful, are totally legal in France and Europe.

Each of the flowers sold on our platform is laboratory tested. We guarantee a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of less than 0.2% in all of our products .

In order to fully understand the legality of hemp flowers, it is necessary to differentiate between two cannabinoids, CBD and THC. One, THC, causes psychotropic effects while the other, CBD, does not alter the consumer’s state of consciousness but has an in-depth action on his body. European regulations are very clear. Flowers containing less than 0.2% THC are completely legal throughout the Schengen area.


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