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CBD infusions

Our CBD oils are made in France and composed only of natural products. Only vegetable oil and essential oils are added to the broad spectrum cannabinoid extract present in our bottles. CBD oil is very popular among hemp lovers for its simplicity of use and its effectiveness. Indeed, with only a few drops, you can enjoy quick effects that last over time. Our natural CBD oils assure you a premium quality thanks to their organic culture.

Ideal for a relaxing ritual

One of the most common methods of consumption of CBD is infusion. Indeed, you can enjoy the effects of CBD by tasting it in a hot drink. The CBD infusion helps to create a ritual of relaxation and generates, according to our customers, a better sleep. It is recognized by our customers for its anti-stress and soothing effects. It is ideal to offer you a real moment of serenity.

Our new range of infusions is declined in 3 products: "Tropical Mist" with ginger, cinnamon and apple aromas, "Vegetal Pleasure" combining lime and mint and "Starry Night" for sweet and sour nights.

Different flavors are mixed thanks to the different ingredients, from European organic agriculture, present in our infusions. The CBD represents 22% of the composition of our infusions and blends perfectly with the flavors of each bag.

If you wish to consume CBD infusion to fight against sleep problems or insomnia, we recommend you to drink your infusion 1h before going to bed. If you have never consumed a CBD infusion before, we recommend that you limit yourself to one infusion per day in the beginning.


We guarantee the respect of the legislation concerning our infusions as all our other products sold on our eshop or in our stores. Their THC content is certified to be less than 0.2%.

How to consume our CBD infusions?

To enjoy a CBD infusion, you must add 1 to 2 spoons of CBD infusion in a cup of hot water. Add a fatty substance (coconut oil, butter, vegetable milk) to optimize the extraction of the active substances of CBD and let infuse 8 to 10 min.

How to store your infusions?

We advise you to keep your Mybud Shop infusions in their hermetic bag or in a closed box away from light and humidity.
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