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Our flowers of LIMONCELLO CBD are produced in GREENHOUSE. Gorged of natural light, they are also protected from the various external aggressions, like the pests or the weather. This mode of culture guarantees an optimal bloom over several months. The result, flowers CBD of a big flavor and unaltered effects.
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With its pronounced flavor of fresh lemon, the LIMONCELLO CBD carries well its name. It also presents earthy aromas, being able to recall varieties KUSH.

Appearance of the flower

The buds of LIMONCELLO CBD are relatively big and well dense. They are of a dark green, entwined in long orange and brown pistils.

Mode of cultivation

Our LIMONCELLO is produced in greenhouse. This ensures a long flowering period for optimal quality buds, and protects them from pests and bad weather.

CBD and Cannabinoids

LIMONCELLO contains 2,2% of CBD. This rather weak concentration makes it a universal product, which can be appreciated by all and benefit to all the profiles.


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