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Strong CBD Flower super silver haze

Super silver haze

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Texture et Aspect

Known and recognized variety, we tell you a little more about the SUPER SILVER HAZE. Result of a cross between "SKUNK", "NORTHERN LIGHTS" and "HAZE". In the first place, it is the seeds of "HAZE" which have reached Holland to hybridize with the legendary "SKUNK". Botanical experts set to work to create a hybrid variety and here is the result, the famous SUPER SILVER HAZE (SSV). The reputation of the variety is well established. Since the 1990s, SSV has won the High Times Cannabis Cup competition three times in a row (1997,1998,1999).
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SUPER SILVER HAZE releases a strong Haze aroma. Like all its counterparts with Haze phenotypes, SSV surprises with its citrus notes and more particularly lemon. During the tasting, you will also be able to distinguish sweet and tangy notes typical of this CBD variety. The most subtle palates will also find light aromas of pepper and pine.

Appearance of the flower

The flowering tops are adorned with a very pale green that can sometimes turn towards whitish hues. We can clearly distinguish a multitude of whitish crystals reinforcing the very clear appearance of these flowers. They will make CBD cannabis lovers salivate. The buds are medium in size and a strong smell of “HAZE” emanates directly from them. The hydroponic cultivation method of this variety allows us to harvest very high quality flowers with a very high CBD rate.

Mode of cultivation

The Super Silver Haze offered on the Mybud platform is grown INDOOR. Special care is given to Super Silver Haze throughout its growth and flowering period. The techniques used guarantee abundant and quality harvests throughout the year.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The CBD level is over 3% in our SUPER SILVER HAZE variety. These metrics classify the strain as a potent CBD flower. This rate is explained both by the method of cultivation and by the genotype possessed by the plant. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website.

3 reviews for Super silver haze

  1. Souris

    I think it’s the best top of the top in terms of taste or appearance really good product.

  2. Baptiste 54

    A pleasant taste, a soothing effect, very good value for money for my part, go ahead with your eyes closed.

  3. Michele

    I tried it for the first time and found a pleasant taste with a very relaxing effect. I recommend it.

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