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Picture of Flower cbd Diesel Tonic, the best hemp flower

Diesel Tonic

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Texture et Aspect

DIESEL TONIC is not the most well-known legal CBD cannabis strain. However, this phenotype, highly concentrated in CBD, is a hybrid with well-known ancestry. The NYC Diesel CBD and the famous CANNATONIC, also available at Mybud, are its closest relatives. The DIESEL TONIC, known for its high CBD content, was born in Spain and is particularly known for its cultivation accessible to everyone, even amateur gardeners!
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Appearance is not the only strong point of the DIESEL TONIC. Its fragrance will amaze many, the sweet notes combine perfectly with the hint of acidity that the variety has. Upon opening, sweet aromas emerge from your sachet. Notes of orange mark a slight bitterness without undermining the delicacy of the aromatic bouquet of the DIESEL TONIC. Tasting confirms the sweetness, but also the quality of its flowers.

Appearance of the flower

Natural CBD legal cannabis flowers as we like them! The DIESEL TONIC is clearly distinguished from other varieties by its appearance. The flowers are well formed, of good size and very dense. The various dark green flowering tops are mottled with numerous orange pistils.

Mode of cultivation

The DIESEL TONIC offered on the Mybud platform is grown INDOOR. Legal cannabis plants are cared for indoors by expert gardeners. Particular care is given to the DIESEL TONIC throughout its growth and flowering. The techniques used guarantee abundant and quality harvests throughout the year.


CBD and Cannabinoids

Our DIESEL TONIC falls into the category of powerful legal cannabis flowers. It displays a maximum rate of between 2 and 4% of CBD + CBD A, a high concentration of CBD.


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