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GELATO is one of the most popular Californian genetics worldwide for lovers of legal CBD Cannabis. Some of you, especially American sports aficionados, may be familiar with the nickname of this strain: Larry Bird CBD. A cross between SUNSET SHERBET & THIN MINT GSC is at the origin of the creation of this real nugget, the GELATO. It takes its name from its fruity aromas and its taste of cake (common genetics with the Cookie family).
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This GELATO HYDRO variety gives off a powerful aroma that is both woody and bursting with red fruits. The sensation of sweetness is present from the start of the tasting. You will also find sweet notes and an aftertaste of cake (a reference to the close relationship with the Cookie family) that will delight the finest taste buds.

Appearance of the flower

Beyond a very particular genetics, GELATO has colors and flowers characteristic of the variety. Flowering generates floral stems of pine green colors, dark purple reflections and reveal orange pistils very appreciated by connoisseurs. The buds are compact and medium in size. The lucky ones will find some larger heads in their pouch. The plant reserves the right to produce sometimes gigantic flowers.

Mode of cultivation

The INDOOR cultivation mode of this variety allows to have a flower of a high quality. Rare are the varieties that offer an indoor culture of this quality on our site. For the less botanists among you, here is a little reminder on the method of cultivation used. Hydroponics consists of the cultivation of plants on a so-called neutral and inert substrate, clay balls, various fibers, etc. This environment will be watered regularly by a pump system that provides the optimal amount of water and nutrients to the plant. As with indoor growing methods, all of the growing parameters can be finely managed.

CBD and Cannabinoids

GELATO is well known to connoisseurs for its genetics, its characteristic taste but also for its high CBD rate which can reach more than 8%. CBD concentrations of this order are intended for regular consumers who are aware of the effects of CBD or for novice consumers looking for a new cannabis experience. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website.

2 reviews for Gelato

  1. Mike

    Good taste, relaxing effect, small price, excellent!

  2. KiddyKush

    A treat, very good taste and quite pronounced relaxing effect.

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