Spraying CBD?

Today, it is possible to breathe in the active substances of a plant without burning it. Did you know that? Yes or no. This article is an update on vaporization technology.

After the rise of the electronic cigarette a few years ago, a new product came on the market without making any noise. The vaporizer. With a completely different operation from that of an e-cig, the “vapos” of pocket or living room do not use liquid, but dried grass of your choice to create a delicious vapour without the slightest combustion or any of its negative effects. Immerse yourself in a world full of smoke but without fire. The world of phyto-inhalation and vaporizers.

For almost 10 years now, vaporizers have been found in living rooms, backpacks or pockets of insiders. But in recent months, the way of consuming dehydrated vegetable products has changed. Today, vaporizers are becoming more widely available and the range is growing.

Two Universe One Pleasure

To begin with and try to get a clearer picture. There are two main categories. Living room vaporizers, which require an electrical connection and operate using a bag or nozzle that everyone around the table shares to consume their favorite product. These products are generally intended for customers who will use it comfortably wedged in his sofa, his kitchen, in short we play at home!

Vaporisateur Aura - Flowermate

On the other side of the vapor planet. We’ll find the nomadic vaporizers or pocket vaporizers. This category uses a battery to power the heating of the dried grass and operate the device which will often be connected to your smartphone to adjust the intensity and usage settings.

Healthy Technology

To make a simple comparison, it should be remembered that the combustion of plant matter will generate a large number of compounds toxic to the body. Unlike the latter, vaporization develops a temperature lower than the combustion point of the product while allowing the extraction of different active properties of the plant placed in the vaporizer without generating toxic materials. This is called phyto-inhalation.

How do I use a vaporizer?

Another remarkable point of the vaporization. The extraction rate of certain active plant ingredients can be as high as 95% using this system. Combustion, in the case of CBD, only extracts 12% of the present rate from the dried flower. It is then up to each individual to make up his or her own mind about the process. The taste will also be different from that of combustion. Indeed, many substances produced in the fireplace are simply not generated by vaporization.

Quality products

Obviously, we are not going to quote the whole offer in this article. And a quick look at the comparison on the net will quickly inform you on the matter. But it is important to know that some manufacturers are nowadays used as a reference. The German Storz Bickel has a very good track record. The Volcano living room vaporizer is recognized as reliable and resistant while the small Crafty+ and Mighty have been in the pockets of connoisseurs for a long time. We can also mention the PAX model which is now in its third version, very light and well finished, or the Boundless CFX which has an aesthetic similar to the Crafty+ for a slightly lower budget.

La seule note qui va freiner le consommateur, le tarif. Même si les prix affichés ne sont plus les même qu’il y a dix ans, il faut tout de même compter un peu plus d’une centaine d’euro pour un vaporisateur portable de qualité et avoir un budget un peu plus large pour équiper son salon.

Crafty + - Le meilleur vaporisateur pour CBD
Crafty +
Mighty - La meilleur façon de consommer du CBD

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