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The THERAPY CBD variety offered by Mybud Shop is the result of slow and patient genetic mixing over the long term. Indeed, this variety is known for its very stable genome which allows it to be cultivated very simply from the seed without using a cutting. All this while guaranteeing a plant full of CBD and virtually free of THC. THERAPY CBD falls into the category of legal cannabis flowers with a medium CBD concentration.


Clear and delicate. The flowers of THERAPY CBD are characterised by a fairly light colour throughout the buds. The soft green is dotted with numerous large orange pistils.


Woody and tangy. THERAPY CBD has flavours that few of her peers offer. Pungent and earthy scents are the first notes that reach your nostrils. Then a hint of acidity is revealed.
Dark notes dominate the tasting, pungent aromas and caramelised notes combine in the mouth. A slightly spicy touch completes the taste of THERAPY CBD.


Our THERAPY CBD flowers are produced in GREENHOUSE. This method of cultivation allows the plant to benefit from all the advantages of natural sunlight while being protected from various external aggressions, pests, insects or even fungi that could spoil the party. This cultivation method guarantees optimal flowering over several months. The result is high quality CBD flowers.


Mybud’s THERAPY CBD falls into the category of moderately concentrated CBD flowers. Its CBD + CBDa content is between 5 and 8%.
As in all legal cannabis flowers, several cannabinoids are present in THERAPY CBD. It is important to note that the THC content of this flower is less than 0.2%.

Recomendações: este produto destina-se à vaporização ou infusão com uma substância gorda, como óleo de coco, nuvem de leite, etc. Cumprimos a legislação em vigor e comercializamos apenas as partes autorizadas da fábrica, legais em toda a Europa.
Este produto não é recomendado para mulheres grávidas. Proibido a menores.