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Skunk Indoor


Unknown origin, unmatched flavours. Our Skunk is based on genetics that hide its game well. The parents of the strain are unknown, but the Skunk family’s ancestry on these CBD-laden flowers is undeniable.
Mybud’s Skunk is close to the genetics of an original Skunk. Known since the 1970s, this family of cannabis plants includes strains like Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. A cannabidiol-dominated version of the strain has resulted in strains that are rich in full-bodied, acidic flavours. Dominated by an unknown proportion of the Sativa phenotype, Skunk produces elongated flowers known for their high CBD content.

Flower appearance

A real Skunk. The flowers of the Mybud Shop Skunk are no exception. The elongated, dark green buds with dark pistils are typical of the original strains.
The flowers are perfectly developed and of very good size for a strain dominated by Sativa traits. Their density will surprise lovers of woody varieties.


No concessions on the taste. Skunk is a variety full of surprises. A delicious, tangy smell accompanies these flowers. More full-bodied and woody notes can be felt before tasting. This is the scent that surrounds the resin-filled buds.
On the palate, this is the pleasure of Skunk! A tangy, almost lemony attack bewitches the palate. Then the complexity of the Skunk taste is revealed. Woody notes and full-bodied flavours blend together to form the body of these medium CBD flowers.

Cultivation method

Special care is taken with our Skunk, indoor cultivation is favoured to ensure tasty, CBD-packed flowers. The growing and flowering conditions are finely managed to ensure perfect maturity and development of the buds. The secret of this Skunk’s woody, acrid flavours lies in its cultivation.

CBD and cannabinoids

Mybud Skunk is a natural product rich in CBD. In addition to the full-bodied taste, Mybud Shop Skunk flowers contribute to your general well-being. They are classified in the category of products with a high cannabidiol content. Their CBD content is 6.2%

Recomendações: este produto destina-se à vaporização ou infusão com uma substância gorda, como óleo de coco, nuvem de leite, etc. Cumprimos a legislação em vigor e comercializamos apenas as partes autorizadas da fábrica, legais em toda a Europa.
Este produto não é recomendado para mulheres grávidas. Proibido a menores.