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Remedy Indoor


Remedy is a CBD celebrity. Its genetics inherit traits from well-known strains in the Cannabidiol world. It is built on a base of Cannatonic, rich in acidity and highly concentrated in CBD. An Afghani Skunk is also blended into the Remedy to give it a fuller flavour. A well-balanced cocktail that promotes the flowering of beautiful, dense flowers.
Remedy from Mybud Shop is an Indica phenotype strain. It offers a medium concentration of CBD in slowly maturing flowers.

Flower appearance

Pure nature. Remedy’s flowers are pale green, with almost yellow hues appearing under the thick layer of trichomes that cover the buds. The pistils merge with the calyxes to form tasty looking flowers.
Overall, Remedy has compact, nicely sized flowers. Indica traits are fully expressed in this part of the legal cannabis plant.


Powerful lemon flavours. Remedy is characterised by a strong, tangy scent. The lemon notes are reminiscent of the aromas of Cannatonic, a well-known strain at Mybud Shop. The taste of Remedy is based on the surprisingly woody flavours developed by the Indica genetics. The strength of these flower aromas fills the mouth with full-bodied flavours mixed with light fruity notes.

Cultivation method

In order to guarantee optimal flavours and benefits, Mybud Shop has selected the best Remedy crops for you. Indoor methods are preferred to ensure optimal development of legal cannabis plants in all seasons. The flowers form and mature in idyllic conditions. No concessions are made to the flavours or benefits of Remedy!

CBD and cannabinoids

Remedy is a legal cannabis flower with a medium CBD content. The amount of cannabidiol in the buds is 4.3%. This average contraction allows you to enjoy the benefits and flavours of our Remedy at any time of the day.

Recomendações: este produto destina-se à vaporização ou infusão com uma substância gorda, como óleo de coco, nuvem de leite, etc. Cumprimos a legislação em vigor e comercializamos apenas as partes autorizadas da fábrica, legais em toda a Europa.
Este produto não é recomendado para mulheres grávidas. Proibido a menores.