Green Moonrock

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MyBud is always looking to innovate. Moonrock Green is part of this approach.
Just like the other Moonrock offered on our platform, this exceptional flower is based on a variety well known to connoisseurs of legal cannabis, Cannatonic. A CBD oil bath followed by a coating of coloured pollen makes it possible to offer a very powerful product with a CBD content of 70%.


Moonrock green has a dense, dark green coating. Its powdered and matte appearance distinguishes it from other products in this category on our platform.
The cut will surprise you. The dark green coating of our Moonrock Green reveals a very light core that contrasts sharply with the exterior and is reminiscent of Cannatonic. This contrast is characteristic of the manufacturing methods used to achieve this exceptional flower with high concentrations of CBD.


Moonrock Green has a strong woody scent. It stands out from other Moonrocks in the category with its dense and characteristic smell. Fans will recognise subtle notes of Cannatonic when they open the pouch.


Our Moonrock Green contains 70% CBD + CBDa. This product therefore falls into the category of very potent CBD flowers. Consumers can therefore expect sustained effects. The THC content of the flower is less than 0.2%, as with all products on our website.

Recomendações: este produto destina-se à vaporização ou infusão com uma substância gorda, como óleo de coco, nuvem de leite, etc. Cumprimos a legislação em vigor e comercializamos apenas as partes autorizadas da fábrica, legais em toda a Europa.
Este produto não é recomendado para mulheres grávidas. Proibido a menores.