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MyBud Shop has selected for you only the best products on the market. Flowers of Swiss quality coming from different cultivation methods, hydroponics, INDOOR or under greenhouse, are present on our online shop.

All products offered on our site contain less than 0.2% THC and comply with European regulations in force.

Our products, flowers, resins and other cosmetics mainly contain CBD, this cannabinoid is known for its deep effect on the human body. Analgesic and soothing effects are regularly cited by consumers. The mode of action of CBD is via the endocannabinoid system, the molecules enter the body and activate the receptors of the aforementioned system.

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When cannabinoids, and thus cannabidiol (CBD), are consumed, opinions differ on the effects. Fortunately, science is there to bring some truth to a sometimes cacophonous debate. Yes, CBD has an action on a set of mechanisms that regulate the body. Homeostasis, or the ability of our metabolism to regulate its various activities, is impacted by the consumption of cannabinoids.

Beyond this action, which can be diffuse, CBD is well known for its soothing qualities. Some users point out its effects on mental well-being, others observe positive effects on the symptoms of depression. On another level, the use of cannabidiol may help to alleviate chronic pain associated with serious illnesses. It is the analgesic capabilities of CBD that would be emphasized in this type of use.


Cannabidiol is found today in various forms. Crystals, cosmetics, flowers or resins are today present on the French market. But how to consume these products? The question comes up very often.

The infusion

Some forms of CBD, such as flowers, resins, crystals or oils, can be consumed by drinking an infusion. The technique is then very simple. Hot water, a small amount of fat, because cannabinoids are fat-soluble (soluble in fat) and the CBD product of your choice. When we talk about fats, there are many solutions available to you, depending on your taste. A drizzle of coconut oil, a teardrop of whole milk, a knob of butter of your choice can be used to extract the CBD from infused products.

After a few minutes of infusion, your beverage is ready and not only do you have to taste it to benefit from the positive effects you are looking for!


Spraying primarily concerns flowers. But it is important to know that CBD resin or CBD oils can be used for this type of consumption if you respect certain precautions linked to the device you are using.

The device in question is a vaporizer. More and more present in the pockets or salons of connoisseurs. These tools allow a phyto-inhalation of the substance. Very hot air is transmitted to the flowers and allows the active substances to be extracted without any combustion. This process makes it possible to select the exact temperature at which the material will be brought to extract the desired molecules. Another advantage of this process is its almost immediate effect.

This is the future, but it’s real!


As simple as it is effective. Direct ingestion is preferred mainly for CBD oils. A few drops of oil are deposited on or under the consumer’s tongue before being swallowed.
In this way, digestion then takes place in the process of assimilation of the cannabinoids. Before the first effects are felt, it will take a slightly longer time than when consuming CBD products via a vaporizer.


We remind you that CBD products are not miracle drugs and cannot replace a treatment prescribed by your doctor. In addition, the products offered on MyBud Shop are not intended to be smoked.