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Tutti Frutti

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Tutti Frutti is a diversified variety and composed of several genetics of exception including Green Haze and Blue Haze. This divine blend makes this strain a sativa-dominant flower combining the taste of your favorite tropical fruits.
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After grinding, the flower of Tutti Frutti reveals all its explosive aromas. It's a real bowl of fresh fruit with a delicious taste that overwhelms you. Expect an explosion of scents immersing you in full discovery of tart flavors. It's a real tropical punch that CBD lovers will flock to without hesitation.

Appearance of the flower

Medium in size, Tutti Frutti buds are dense and compact. The entire flower is covered with trichomes ranging from amber in color dark to purple. CBD users appreciate this flower for its spring green color pulling on the yellow and offering a sticky texture.

Mode of cultivation

The Tutti Frutti that you find at MYBUD is grown indoors. It is an auto-flowering variety which therefore does not require any change of light to achieve a sufficient level of performance. It is therefore tailor-made for sativa lovers who love generous and tasty flowers available in quantity.

CBD and Cannabinoids

Its moderate level of CBD which is around the 8% mark will provide a relatively slow and gradual effect. Enjoy this variety of CBD before bed can be helpful when trying to get to sleep for example.


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