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Tropical Haze

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Texture et Aspect

The TROPICAL HAZE variety is now well known in the world of CBD. The TROP for intimates is originally a Sativa-dominant variety. It comes from several strains that are unanimous, the BIG SKUNK and the HAZE. Hints of Haze in the genotype of this strain will develop the spicy and lemony flavors of the plant. However, we have little information on the origin of this genetics. It would have appeared in the Afghan mountains, in Mexico or even deep in Thailand according to several studies. Quickly becoming a must among lovers of legal Cannabis, it is one of the most popular strains at MyBud Shop.
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As the name suggests, this strain exudes a powerful tropical fruit scent. Citrus scents are also present in TROPICAL HAZE. Indeed, during the tasting this variety, with the well-chosen name, transports us directly to the islands. White sand and coconut trees await you! The flavors of its legal cannabis flowers are remarkable for their sweetness and finesse. Notice to lovers of fruity varieties, this one is made for you!

Appearance of the flower

The flowers are dark in color. Shades ranging from dark green to purple. The buds are covered with small light brown pistils. The flowers are rather airy and are produced using an indoor cultivation method. The flowering tops are medium in size. Light white crystals, the cannabinoid-rich trichomes, cover everything.

Mode of cultivation

Like many varieties offered at Mybud Shop, our TROPICAL HAZE is grown INDOOR. This method of indoor cultivation allows you to generate flowers of superior quality. The fine management of the different cultivation parameters, temperature, watering, humidity and light, is the secret to obtaining harvests that are as qualitative as they are quantitative. In addition, these conditions make it possible to maintain a uniform quality throughout the year.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The TROPICAL HAZE offered at Mybud Shop contains levels greater than 3.5% CBD. This average quantity is responsible for a light action on your body. The consumption of the plant can then be spread over the entire day. Users will be able to judge the effects of TROPICAL HAZE according to their needs and habits. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website.

10 reviews for Tropical Haze

  1. victor

    I must admit, the product is really clean with good taste and very relaxing. Really cheap… thank you for the speed and quality.

  2. Jimmy Fournier

    This one’s really great too !!!

    Site that I recommend.

    See you soon.

  3. Vincent Marneur

    First time on the site and for the flower of cbd and waouuuuu so surprising, very very very pleasant surprise on the quality of the product and by its effect … I really didn’t expect so good, well done! See you soon

  4. Stephane Rozynek

    Top quality/price ratio. Great taste. Let yourself be tempted. At the top

  5. Johanna Scheiwe

    Bought for a trial after having stopped for a long time, I bought this kind to try and I’m really not disappointed, great flavor it’s the cheapest and it’s really good, when I’m done, I recommend to try some more!

  6. Jean Leroux

    Excellent value for money I really liked the Greenhousse one with a nice taste and a nice little cocktail of molecules that works … because we often forget but a low cbd rate does not automatically mean not good … it’s a plant with its own little cocktail of molecule and for a first try at home I particularly liked this product in my small selection.

  7. Raphael NICOT

    For a first try with our friends at MyBud, this product is up to these promises, ideal for the day, thank you to all the team.

  8. Nicolas Fontaine

    Very good product, as well as indoor.

  9. Jordi Dueñas


  10. Cedric

    Very good taste and very relaxing

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