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SWEET BERRY is basically a cross between the great aromatic powers of BLUEBERRY and CHERNOBYL. This variety comes to us from Northern California where are produced many varieties of legal cannabis which are now known all over the world. With such aromas and her aspect, she quickly became unmissable in the world of legal cannabis.


This variety has dark green color with lots of pistils ranging from red to orange. They are clearly reminiscent of the STRAWBERRY variety but make no mistake, it is indeed the SWEET BERRY that MYBUD SHOP has selected for you.

The flowering of this variety produces flowers that are generally small to medium in size. On the other hand, the buds are very dense. To top it all off, SWEET BERRY is covered with a beautiful layer of trichomes which take on the appearance of light creamy crystals.


When you open the bag, you will be conquered by the explosion of aromas that emanate from this SWEET BERRY. Indeed, the strong scents of red fruits and pine are easily distinguishable. During tasting, you will be transported by the flavours of slightly lemony berries with a slight apple aftertaste.

Recommendations: this product is intended for vaporization or infusion with a fatty substance such as coconut oil, cloud of milk, etc. We comply with current legislation and market only the authorized parts of the plant, legal throughout Europe.
This product is not recommended for pregnant women. Forbidden to minors.