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You won’t believe your eyes! Another new Moonrock is on the way: Moonrock Strawberry. Understand, the strawberry moonstone that will not leave any amateur indifferent thanks to its surprising aromas!
The history of this highly concentrated CBD flower is not well known. However, the production method is the same as for the other Moonrocks. A carefully selected Cannatonic flower, CBD oil and pollen complete the picture and make this exceptional product stand out. Top of the line, legal cannabis!


Moonrock Strawberry could very well have been picked up on Mars. The colour is a dull red, with small, shiny spots of dense colouring, sometimes reaching carmine. This is a surprising flower that you will discover when you open your pouch.
When you open your Moonrock Strawberry, the surprise remains the same. The red colours of the coating blend perfectly with the light green hues of the flower’s interior.


An explosion of strawberry. You can’t go wrong when you discover the product, the dominant scent is strawberry. The smell may seem strange at first, but when you taste it, the scent makes sense! The finest taste buds will be delighted by the red fruit flavours and the sweetness of Moonrock Strawberry. Slightly acidic notes complete the taste of this brand new product.


Moonrock Strawberry has a CBD + CBDa content of 70%. This product therefore falls into the category of very potent CBD flowers. Consumers can therefore expect sustained effects. The THC content of the flower is less than 0.2%, as with all products on our website.

Recommendations: this product is intended for vaporization or infusion with a fatty substance such as coconut oil, cloud of milk, etc. We comply with current legislation and market only the authorized parts of the plant, legal throughout Europe.
This product is not recommended for pregnant women. Forbidden to minors.