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Strawberry kush

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Texture et Aspect

STRAWBERRY KUSH the mythical! This variety is primarily a hybrid resulting from the cross between STRAWBERRY COUGH and OG KUSH. It quickly became essential in the world of legal CBD cannabis, in particular thanks to its strong aromas of fresh strawberry.
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The aromas that emerge from this STRAWBERRY KUSH variety are incredible. Indeed, and as its name suggests, the strawberry is very present as soon as your pouch is opened. During the tasting, it is an explosion of flavors, you will be won over by the strawberry, the slight taste of lemon and a spicy finish typical of KUSH varieties.

Appearance of the flower

STRAWBERRY KUSH has medium sized and very compact buds. The shape of the buds is characteristic of the strain. The flowers are slightly sticky and of a dense green color with attractive pistils ranging from orange to bright red. These hues are typical of Strawberry varieties. The flowering tops are covered with light amber crystals much sought after by connoisseurs.

Mode of cultivation

Our STRAWBERRY KUSH is grown indoors. The INDOOR cultivation mode allows STRAWBERRY flowers to develop optimally and guarantee quality flowering.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The CBD rate is over 3% in our STRAWBERRY KUSH variety. These flowers are considered to have a medium CBD content. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website.

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  1. Souris

    Another product tested and enjoyed

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