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Skunk cbd flower known worldwide for its intoxicating fragrance


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Unknown origin, unmatched flavors. Our Skunk is based on genetics that hide their game well. The parents of the strain are unknown, but the ancestry of the Skunk family on these CBD-rich flowers is undeniable. Skunk from Mybud approximates the genetics of an original Skunk. Known since the 1970s, this family of cannabis plants brings together varieties such as Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. A variation of the strain in a version dominated by cannabidiol has allowed the emergence of varieties rich in full-bodied and acidic tastes. Dominated by a Sativa phenotype in an unknown proportion, Skunk produces elongated flowers known for their high CBD content.
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No concessions on taste. Skunk is a strain full of surprises. A delicious and tangy smell accompanies these flowers. More full-bodied and woody notes are felt before tasting. This is to say the perfume that surrounds the buds that are full of resin. In the mouth, it's all the pleasure of Skunk! A tangy, almost lemony attack bewitches the palate. It is then all the complexity of the taste of Skunk that is displayed. Woody notes and full-bodied flavors blend together to form the body of these mid-CBD flowers.

Appearance of the flower

A Skunk, a real one. There is no mistake when discovering the flowers of the Skunk Mybud Shop. The elongated dark green buds with dark pistils are typical of the original varieties of these strains. The flowers are perfectly developed and of very good caliber for a variety dominated by Sativa traits. Their density will surprise lovers of woody varieties.

Mode of cultivation

Particular care is taken with our Skunk, indoor cultivation is preferred to guarantee tasty flowers full of CBD. Growth and flowering conditions are finely managed to ensure perfect maturity and development of the buds. The secret to this Skunk's pungent, woody flavors lies in its cultivation.

CBD and Cannabinoids

Skunk from Mybud is a natural product rich in CBD. Beyond the full-bodied taste, the flowers of Skunk Mybud Shop contribute to your general well-being. They fall into the category of products with a high level of cannabidiol. Their CBD rate is 6.2%.


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