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Hash CBD Royal Cream
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Royal Cream


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The Hash Royal Cream is a creamy and compact resin at the same time. The exterior of this resin is rather dark. It is easily crumbly which makes its consumption pleasant. The Royal Cream was shaped by hand and then hot pressed. It is thanks to this method that we obtain a powerful CBD resin. Highly appreciated by consumers thanks to its malleable consistency, this resin is easy to use.

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CBD and Cannabinoids

The Hash Royal Cream has a rate of 18% CBD. Relaxation, relaxation and good taste are on the program with this hash which falls into the category of high CBD resins. You will appreciate its immediate relaxing effects. The THC level is 0.2% in accordance with the maximum threshold authorized in the European Union. You will not experience a high or psychotropic effect. Our CBD resins are controlled by a specialized laboratory which ensures their compliance and traceability. You can consume this CBD resin as an infusion with a fatty substance or as a vapor to optimize its anxiolytic properties. We do not recommend that you smoke CBD resins, tobacco is harmful to your health. In addition, burning diminishes the effects of cannabinoids. We advise you to start with a gradual dosage until you find the amount of CBD hash that suits you best. Consume away from heat and humidity. Out of reach of children.


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