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Purple Haze

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Texture et Aspect

An essential variety in the world of CBD, purple haze comes from a clever mix between a Dutch skunk and a Thai haze. Recognizable among a thousand, thanks to its purple reflections, purple haze seduces CBD specialists for its surprising effects. It even seems that this cannabis celebrity inspired Jimi Hendrix to title one of his songs released in 1967.
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Perfect for an energetic experience, purple haze offers CBD consumers a pleasant floral high. Its taste of tangy violet and sweet grape does not detract from the powerful and woody side that one expects from a real haze.

Appearance of the flower

The oversized buds of our purple haze will leave you speechless. With its huge purplish flowers, our purple haze fully justifies its name. This magnificent plum color will make you want to taste it without further delay.

Mode of cultivation

Planted in a greenhouse, this purple was produced in strict compliance with the Greenhouse method. The right balance between indoor and outdoor cultivation, this method of cultivation ensures optimal control of the quality of your CBD flowers.


CBD and Cannabinoids

Our CBD flowers are without psychotropic effects and contain no more than 0.2% THC. Our purple haze has a cannabidiol concentration rate close to 4%.


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