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ORANGE BUD, a famous variety that came straight from the USA and that was very famous in the 80’s. His success has endured over the decades both for his ease of production and for his capacity to adapt himself to almost all climates and growing conditions, even the most difficult. It has recently become very popular among CBD legal cannabis enthusiasts and it is the result of an entirely SKUNK crossbreeding of genetics. The dominant of our ORANGE BUD is 75% sativa. 25% indica completes the genotype.


The flowers of CBD ORANGE BUD are medium sized. The flowering tops are often very dense, with very small orange pistils typical of this variety of hemp flowers. The buds are covered with creamy crystals that are very popular with CBD legal cannabis enthusiasts.


The very intense fragrance of this ORANGE BUD will seduce you when you open your package. Its unique taste is naturally rich in citrus flavors, mainly orange of course! Notes of nectarine can be distinguished to finally finish with the earthy side and typical of SKUNK varieties. At the same time soft and sweet, the ORANGE BUD will delight the most demanding amateurs.

Recommendations: this product is intended for vaporization or infusion with a fatty substance such as coconut oil, cloud of milk, etc. We comply with current legislation and market only the authorized parts of the plant, legal throughout Europe.
This product is not recommended for pregnant women. Forbidden to minors.