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Mybud Haze

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Texture et Aspect

The MYBUD HAZE is making a comeback on our site! Anxious to always offer the best CBD flowers, Mybud Shop presents its new exclusive variety: MYBUD HAZE. These legal cannabis plants are dominated by pronounced Sativa L traits that develop beautiful, highly resinous flowers. They are characterized by an average CBD level.
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Balance and freshness. An explosion of citrus fragrance is felt as soon as you meet MYBUD HAZE. By reducing these flowers to crumbs, a fabulous bouquet is revealed. Dark and woody notes complement the freshness of orange and lemon aromas to balance the flavor of this variety exclusive to the Mybud Shop platform. The tasting gives way to an astonishing lightness. Tangy notes seize the palate before giving way to more full-bodied aromas that complete the taste of MYBUD HAZE.

Appearance of the flower

Gorgeous ! MYBUD HAZE is a strain that has it all. The flowers are generous and compact. All the flowering tops display a complete development and the flowers which compose them are superimposed to form generous buds tinged with a very light green. The pistils of this variety are very short and barely orange. They slightly variegate these flowers which are dominated by notes of pale green.

Mode of cultivation

Particular care is taken in the cultivation of our flagship variety. An INDOOR method is preferred to ensure optimal quality throughout the year. All of the plant's development parameters are finely controlled thanks to indoor cultivation. The flowers are patiently brought to maturity in order to fully develop their aromas and the cannabinoids they contain.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The level of CBD present in the MYBUD HAZE variety is between 2 and 4%. It allows to classify the variety among the medium concentrated legal cannabis flowers. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website.


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