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Green Hill CBD, cbd flower with intense and strongl fragrances

Green Hill

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Texture et Aspect

The GREEN HILL variety is well known to lovers of legal CBD cannabis and CBD in general. The origin of this variety is well known. Its genetics comes from MARIA LIGHT. To make it very short and to summarize it in a few words, the INDOOR cultivation method makes it possible to offer very compact and quality flowers. In addition, the CBD level is very high. The flower of GREEN HILL is therefore very powerful, the concentration of CBD + CBA reaches 8% in the samples studied.
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This GREEN HILL INDOOR variety gives off an aroma that is both sweet and powerful. A feeling of freshness and slightly lemony notes flatter the palate of connoisseurs when tasting. The power of woody aromas will invade you afterwards. The scents as well as the taste of this powerful CBD flower will please the most picky amateurs.

Appearance of the flower

Hemp flowers are emerald green in color and reveal brown and orange pistils that are highly coveted by connoisseurs. The buds are compact and overall medium in size. The flowers feature a myriad of cannabinoid-rich trichomes, among them CBD in the highest proportion.

Mode of cultivation

The INDOOR cultivation mode of this variety allows to obtain a flower of a high quality. The management of major parameters such as the amount of light, humidity or fattening that these legal cannabis plants will have allows them to develop to their maximum potential. GREEN HILL plants therefore develop surprising capacities in these environments, both in terms of the quantity and quality of the CBD flowers harvested.


CBD and Cannabinoids

As in all legal cannabis flowers, several cannabinoids are present in the GREEN HILL strain. CBD in all its forms (including CBDa) is the most concentrated element here since it represents 5% of the cannabinoids present in the plant. The other molecules, CBC, CBGa, etc. share the rest of the cannabinoid spectrum of the plant. It is important to note that the THC level present in this flower is less than 0.2%.


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