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Powerful CBD flower Gorilla Glue, fruity and sweet

Gorilla Glue

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Texture et Aspect

The Gorilla Glue CBD variety is a great classic among legal cannabis flowers. The origins of this variety are however unknown. The strain produces buds that are as tasty as they are resinous. Notice to amateurs!
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Woody notes are noticeable as soon as you open your pouch. These powerful flowers in CBD and in taste are characterized by a full-bodied and earthy scent. The aromas are rich during the tasting. Dense and tannic flavors captivate your palate.

Appearance of the flower

The first thing you notice is its color. A frank and dense green, connoisseurs of quality CBD flowers will appreciate. The flowering tops are compact and form large sets. Small, barely orange pistils complete the look of our Gorilla Glue.

Mode of cultivation

CBD Gorilla Glue flower is grown in a controlled environment. We can provide a superior product through indoor cultivation. Both in terms of taste and appearance, the harvested flowers are uniform. Hemp plants thrive indoors with optimal growing conditions. To ensure flowers of excellent quality, the variables and periods of growth and flowering are carefully controlled.


CBD and Cannabinoids

Our Gorilla Glue is a legal cannabis flower with a high level of CBD. We sell it in the category of flowers containing 4-6% CBD on Mybud Shop.


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