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Choco Dream

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Mybud shop presents its new variety CHOCO DREAM CBD. World-renowned sativa-dominant strain derived from the classic 'chocolope', multiple cannabis cup and kosher kush winner. This incredible strain has been the favorite in most of the contests it has entered.
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The CHOCO DREAM CBD strain releases an instant vanilla and chocolate scent. The peppery and earthy accents typical of kush are well felt and leave a particular taste, long in the mouth. The chocolate side brings a certain bitterness while the vanilla softens the whole for a perfect harmony of flavors.

Appearance of the flower

The buds of Choco Dream CBD are medium in size, dark green in color accompanied by brown. The buds are compact and light, easily crushable and give off an incredible fragrance.

Mode of cultivation

Here, we present a variety grown indoors, the Choco Dream CBD grew in strict growing conditions, respecting very specific criteria. The entire production chain has been mastered to perfection: growth, flowering, drying, curing... CBD Choco Dream flowers are among the most qualitative varieties in the Mybud range.

CBD and Cannabinoids

This Choco Dream CBD variety has been carefully selected for its exceptional quality in terms of cannabinoids, taste and appearance. It has an average CBD level of 6%, with a THC level of less than 0.2%.


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