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CBG Flower, the best CBG flower, strong and soothing


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CBG is short for cannabigerol. This cannabinoid is specific, CBG is considered the parent cannabinoid of hemp. The other molecules, CBD, CBDa, THC, etc. will be synthesized following a degradation of cannabigerol by the plant. CBG is currently very widespread in countries that have legalized the use of therapeutic cannabis, this cannabinoid is currently targeted by a lot of research around the world. The first scientific data relating to the action of CBG on the human body should be available soon.
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You will immediately be seduced by the powerful aromas of raw hemp and lemon that emanate from this incredible flower! The tangy notes herald the full-bodied aromas that the flower has in store for you later. During the tasting, a pleasant fresh and intense taste emerges first and ends with woody and spicy touches.

Appearance of the flower

The CBG flower that MYBUD has selected for you is of very high quality. Grown INDOOR, it meets the expectations of the most demanding consumers. The appearance of the flowers is characteristic when talking about CBG. The harvest mode is slightly different for CBG. You should know that the plants are cut before they are fully mature in order to maintain a high level of CBG compared to other cannabinoids. The buds are very dense, of a very light color, the light green tints reveal orange pistils which contrast with the color of the rest of the flower.

Mode of cultivation

CBG flowers offered by MyBud Shop are grown indoors. The INDOOR cultivation mode allows plants to flower in the best conditions while being protected from external aggressions. The result thus obtained is then up to the requirements of the most informed public!

CBD and Cannabinoids

The CBG rate is over 10% in our CBG variety. The THC level contained in the flower is less than 0.2% as for all the products offered on our website.

1 review for CBG

  1. Flo

    High quality flower, effect similar to THC-free THC, pleasant taste. Glad to have tested this CBG flower variety, top product.

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