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CBD Infusion Tropical Mist

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Discover our CBD infusion


Mybud Shop is pleased to present its new range of organic CBD hemp infusion. Our Brume Tropicale herbal tea will make you travel to distant lands. A mixture of spices, cinnamon, cloves and licorice, combines with the bitterness of orange peel and cannabis, to create a tasty and organic hemp drink. CBD cannabis is the main ingredient in the Mybud Shop range of infusions. 22% CBD hemp is used in the composition of the Brume Tropicale infusion.


The spices follow one another, but are not alike. In our Tropical Mist infusion, the complexity of the aromas is breathtaking. Cinnamon sticks and ginger ensure the major taste of this herbal tea. It is then the apple and the hibiscus which come to soften the flavors of your drink. Finally, the notes of cocoa bark, cloves are felt and ensure the continuation of the journey offered by this infusion.


22% of legal cannabis is used in the composition of the Brume Tropicale infusion, it is the main ingredient of the aromatic blend. Cannabinoids are combined here with the relaxing virtues of cinnamon and hibiscus flowers. A general relaxation and a certain well-being should be felt after a large cup of Brume Tropicale.


One to two teaspoons of Tropical Mist mix are to be immersed in a cup of simmering water. Leave to infuse for a few minutes, adding the fat of your choice (vegetable milk, classic or coconut butter, etc.) for better cannabinoid extraction. We recommend an infusion time between 8 and 10 minutes for a perfect taste and effects.


All the components of our Brume Tropicale infusion are obtained and processed in accordance with the specifications of European organic farming.

List of ingredients :
CBD hemp (22%)*, cinnamon sticks*, fennel*, apple*, ginger*, hibiscus flowers*, orange peel*, anise*, liquorice root*, cocoa peel*, cloves *, tulsi*, dent-de-lion*, pineapple* (*from organic farming)

Pack of 40 grams, for about 20 cups.

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