Carmine Meteor

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The story of this Carmine Meteor is very simple. Mybud always tries to surprise you, and we continue to do so. You already knew our Asteroid or MoonRock 70%. Our Meteor Carmin is in the same range of exceptional products with a high concentration of CBD. A powerful 70% CBD content will delight lovers of powerful flowers.


A feast for the eyes. The dress of our Meteor Carmin is dressed in dark red shades. Lighter areas stand out on the surface of this stellar object. As you cut out your meteor, you will be surprised by the density of the head. Very compact, the Gelato flower that serves as its base is sublimated by a red and brittle outline.


A clear fragrance of red fruit dominated by strawberry notes emerges as soon as you open your pouch. The sweet aromas of this refined flower are incomparable. You won’t find them on any other product in our range.
The tasting continues on the same basis, a fruity explosion in the mouth is to be expected. The sweetness of the Gelato flower is no longer to be proven. Combined with the terpenes added to our Carmine Météore, this blend will delight consumers looking for new sweet and fruity flavours.


The Carmine Météore is based on a variety nowadays known for its taste and high CBD content: Gelato. The most beautiful flowers then undergo a treatment of choice, adding CBD crystals in liquid form. Once crystallised, the buds are covered with Wax CBD 60%. Then comes the last stage of the manufacturing process, colouring. CBD crystals, dyes and terpenes that ensure the taste, smell and effects of our Carmine Meteor coat the flower to finalise its wrapping.
CBD and cannabinoid

The Carmine Météore is one of the exceptional flowers offered by Mybud Shop. A very high CBD rate of 70% is proposed in this product.

Recommendations: this product is intended for vaporization or infusion with a fatty substance such as coconut oil, cloud of milk, etc. We comply with current legislation and market only the authorized parts of the plant, legal throughout Europe.
This product is not recommended for pregnant women. Forbidden to minors.