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Afghan Black


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Discover an ancestral CBD hash with on the program: unique appearance, aromas and effects! This mythical resin is characterized by its very black color on the outside. This exterior appearance is reminiscent of its woody and peppery flavors. Its interior comes in more caramel tones. Its texture is rather soft and sticky which makes this resin quite malleable. Very popular on the market, the Afghan Black has not finished surprising you!

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Appearance of the flower

Mode of cultivation

CBD and Cannabinoids

Enjoy the intense and fast effects of CBD with our Hash Afghan Black. The well-marked effects of CBD are possible thanks to the quality of this resin. Consumed to relax and/or relieve certain ailments, Afghan Black is a resin with intense and rapid effects. This CBD hash is a highly concentrated CBD product. Its rate can reach 20% CBD. Sustained effects are expected following the consumption of this CBD resin. Afghan black is famous among its consumers for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. Its THC level is less than 0.2% in accordance with European legislation. You can consume this resin in peace since it does not generate any psychotropic or addiction effects.


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