MyBud Shop, what is it?

We couldn’t think of a better idea than to introduce ourselves first. We know, it’s not very original, but just to tell you that MyBud Shop is a shop, specialized in the sale of legal cannabis and products containing CBD; at the base nancéienne, today regional and especially national thanks to our website, but it seemed a bit light…

So you got it, we’re going to talk about us, our concept, our team, the family, and MyBud Shop. We’re not going to go into all the details, but we have to say that it’s Morgan who started the adventure on rue de la Monnaie in Nancy (France).

One fine day in 2017, he puts both feet in the plate and becomes, as they say, a dynamic young entrepreneur in the CBD field. The first step, and not a small one, is to refurbish the premises. Once restored, the shop can be decked out in the colours of MyBud Shop and the adventure could begin. A first customer, a clientele, a project to expand, a website, a new shop, but all that is afterwards.

At the center of MyBud Shop, a family story. Morgan works with his brother and sister. Sort of a French success story. Things are going well, but the opportunities are there. So the team decides to think bigger. A second outlet in Metz will open in the next few weeks with Maelan joining the team. A website that is taking off and a team that is still growing. Skills that evolve every day. In the words of Morgan; “it’s crazy every day, it’s going 200 per hour”.

Enough about us. We’re still gonna talk about what we do. MyBud Shop is a team of professionals who will advise you in store or via live chat on the website. They offer a variety of products around the CBD, dried flowers, resins, oils, cosmetics, etc.

Astéroïde, 85,6% CBD

When we say team of professionals, we could talk about experts in our field. Regular visits to European suppliers allow the team to offer a constantly renewed range of products of consistent quality. In addition, Morgan strives to find products that you won’t find elsewhere, such as the famous 85.6% CBD “Asteroide“. In other words, when you come into our shops or on our website, you can just buy a product, but you can also benefit from expert advice and a great time as a bonus!

If we recapitulate, MyBud Shop is a family company specialized in legal cannabis and CBD products which is growing, growing !You can find us here :, there, in Nancy (France) rue de la Monnaie.

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  1. Marceillant Christophe says:

    I have just received my order and I am really not disappointed with the quality of the flowers at the top.

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