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Sweet Red indoor


Sweet Red is a CBD strain that is little known to the general public. Yet it has all the characteristics of a legal cannabis competition champion. Sweet Red is said to share its genetic make-up between 30% Sativa and 70% Indica traits. But what stands out and matters when you discover these flowers is the beautiful appearance and the delicious, fruity smell that emanates from them. Continue the discovery of this medium CBD strain!


Competition flowers. At the risk of repeating ourselves, Sweet Red’s flowers are simply beautiful. They are a deep green colour with numerous pistils ranging from dark orange to carmine red all over the flowerheads. Slightly lighter mottling completes these beautiful flowers. The flowers are compact and when broken down, one realises that they are very dense.


This is a pleasant surprise! After having praised the appearance of Sweet Red, it is now the turn of its taste and smell to be flattered. As soon as you open the bottle, it’s an explosion of sweetness. Light aromas ranging from strawberry to blackberry make the lovers of medium CBD varieties salivate. The tasting reinforces the impression of quality that Sweet Red gives off. Full, fresh flavours give way to the long-awaited delicious red fruit notes.


Sweet Red is grown indoors. INDOOR cultivation allows us to offer legal cannabis flowers with a medium CBD concentration without compromising on quality or taste. Hemp plants grow indoors under optimal growing conditions. The parameters and periods of growth and flowering are finely controlled to guarantee flowers of exceptional quality. This type of cultivation allows us to guarantee a consistent quality throughout the year.


The Sweet Red offered by MyBud Shop is a legal cannabis flower with a medium CBD content. We place it on our site in the category of flowers containing 6 to 8% CBD+CBDA.

Raccomandazioni: questo prodotto è destinato alla vaporizzazione o all’infusione con una sostanza grassa come olio di cocco, nube di latte, ecc. Rispettiamo la legislazione vigente e commercializziamo solo le parti autorizzate dell’impianto, legali in tutta Europa.
Questo prodotto non è raccomandato per le donne in gravidanza. Vietato ai minori.