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Wedding Cake

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Texture et Aspect

Wedding Cake, sometimes also called Pink Panties, is a hybrid plant that originated in the United States. Resulting from a cross between a Triangle Kush and the famous Animal Mints, it is composed mainly of indica genetics. The moniker "Wedding Cake" was coined by the "Jungle Boys" grower group, after they grew the Triangle Mints#23 clone and found vanilla undertones in it reminiscent of the taste of a wedding cake. . A must that all lovers of legal CBD cannabis must test.
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This gorgeous Wedding Cake smells sweet and earthy, with very recognizable vanilla and spice notes. Many will even say that this little American nugget actually tastes like cake or cookie.

Appearance of the flower

The floral tops of our Wedding Cake are green in color, in light tones, with very tight flowers. Compact in nature, and interspersed with brown pistils, its appearance remains worthy of the most beautiful strains of legal CBD cannabis. Let's not forget its smell, which linked to its appearance would almost make you want to eat it!

Mode of cultivation

Our Wedding Cake is grown indoors (indoors) and in the ground. Our best growers have taken special care of this variety, which will guarantee you premium quality. As soon as the sachet is opened, a very strong smell will be felt and will transport you to other horizons immediately.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The CBD content in this flower is over 7%, one of the highest in our catalog. The THC level, meanwhile, is less than 0.3%, as for all the products offered on our website.


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