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Northern Lights

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Texture et Aspect

Highly appreciated and recognized by CBD lovers, Northern Lights is a strain of Afghani Indica genetics. It has established itself as a great classic on the legal cannabis market. Northern Lights has won numerous awards around the world and served as the foundation genetics for other famous strains. Its indoor cultivation will allow you to enjoy a CBD flower with an exceptional taste. Its properties will make you discover surprising soothing effects.
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Northern Lights is famous for its raw earthy aromas. Its smell of pine allows you to escape to the heart of the forests of the North. A few sweet notes soften this fragrance and delight your taste buds. This mixture has become quite rare today and therefore makes this variety unique.

Appearance of the flower

The Northern Lights flower is compact and bushy. Her buds are relatively bulky but still easy to trim. Its flowers reveal a typical green color of its perfume.

Mode of cultivation

Indoor cultivation is required to obtain such a unique quality of cbd flowers.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The Northern Lights offered by Mybud Shop and grown indoors falls into the category of high-rate legal cannabis flowers. Its CBD rate can reach 8.9% CBD. According to our consumers, feel-good and anti-stress effects are felt after consuming this strain.


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