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Jack Herer

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Texture et Aspect

Jack Herer is the legalization of cannabis across the Atlantic, who inspired the name of this excellent variety of hemp. Created in the Netherlands in the mid-90s, Jack Herer has received numerous awards for its quality and potency.
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This exceptional legal cannabis flower stands out with impressive citrus notes. Bursting with lemony and orange flavors, our CBD Jack Herer flowers are a great taste surprise for the CBD user.

Appearance of the flower

You will be pleased to discover very dense buds with an abundance of crystalline trichomes. Our Jack Herer is a sticky to the touch CBD flower, bright green with a light beige color.

Mode of cultivation

The greenhouse culture allows an overall flowering cycle of the legal cannabis plant. Result of several years of selective cultivation, our Jack Herer is optimized to the maximum of its soothing capacities.


CBD and Cannabinoids

The 4% of CBD contained in this variety, ensures you a feeling of well-being, whatever the mode of consumption of your flowers, during the day or in the evening.


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