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Strong CBD flower Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze

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Texture et Aspect

Experience the strain that will transport you straight to Honolulu. Hawaiian Haze CBD is a sun-drenched strain that will make you forget about your everyday problems.
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Hawaiian Haze is characterized by flavors of citrus and fruit. There are mainly smells of mango and lemon. These sweet smells considerably soften the taste of this legal cannabis flower. This unforgettable perfume will allow you to enjoy 100% of your moment of relaxation.

Appearance of the flower

Hawaiian Haze features large and dense buds. Very compact, this variety of cbd flower is rather light green in color, typical of hemp. Clear crystals give luminosity to this CBD flower.

Mode of cultivation

This CBD flower is grown indoors, that is to say indoors. It therefore benefited from the best conditions in terms of air, light, nutrients, pH, temperature and humidity. This mode of cultivation makes it possible to generate light cannabis flowers of high quality.


CBD and Cannabinoids

Hawaiian Haze is known for its high cannabidiol concentration. Its rate can be as high as 10.5% CBD. This strain is acclaimed for its soothing benefits. According to our customer reviews, Hawaiian Haze is known to make it easier to fall asleep, to reduce anxiety states and to improve digestion. This variety is called "hybrid", i.e. 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It therefore includes the properties of these 2 strains. It stimulates brain activity while deeply relaxing its consumer. The THC content in this variety is less than 0.2%. This CBD flower can therefore be consumed legally and safely. You can consume this variety as an infusion, vaporization or by adding it to your culinary dishes. We do not recommend smoking CBD flowers.


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