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Bubble Gum

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Texture et Aspect

Sometimes called "Bubba Gum" the precise genetic history of Bubble Gum remains a mystery. However, this variety quickly acquired a reputation thanks to its chewing-gum scent that everyone appreciates.
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Typical variety offering floral flavors with a pronounced taste of strawberry from drink. A unique aroma that will remind you of the sweets of your childhood!

Appearance of the flower

The appearance of Bubble Gum flowers will make you want to! Her airy heads with a fluffy and frosted cover, will seduce neophytes as well as savvy CBD consumers.

Mode of cultivation

Mybud offers you a Bubble Gum grown in a greenhouse. The specialists will say, this method of cultivation makes it possible to optimize the properties of the plant of hemp to preserve all the benefits.


CBD and Cannabinoids

Its moderate CBD rate, which can still go up to 6.4%, provides a state of relaxation to the consumer of legal cannabis. As for the whole of the products offered on our site, the THC content is less than 0.2%.


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