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Crème de jour SPF15 CBD CIBDOL

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Over the years, our skin has been damaged by UV rays, pollution or other harmful influences. These factors leave the skin in a tired and dull state, compromising its natural harmony. But now, with the protective, nourishing and soothing effects of Cibdol CBD Day Cream SPF 15, you can forget about all these worries. Help your skin regain its youthful glow with specially selected ingredients and the power of CBD. Our skin is a complex organ that requires a delicate balance of ingredients to restore its natural glow. Our formula harnesses the antioxidant properties of vitamins C and E, the restorative power of calendula oil and the softening effects of shea butter; all complemented by the amazing qualities of CBD as the icing on the cake. Together, these complex ingredients work in concert with your skin to protect and nourish it deep beneath the surface. When used daily, Cibdol CBD Day Cream SPF 15 repairs and protects your skin from daily aggressors. Use the power of CBD and carefully selected ingredients to make your beautiful inner skin vibrant and radiant like the summer sun.

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