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Greenhouse Cheesecake


Not to be confused with Cheese CBD, the CheeseCake strain is nevertheless well known among legal cannabis enthusiasts. Its known medium CBD content, taste and characteristic appearance make it a popular strain. CheeseCake is a well-balanced strain, the genetics are split 50% between Indica and Sativa. See for yourself!


The flowers are of a nice size. CheeseCake is a fairly dark strain. The dense green is mixed with the lighter shades of the small pistils that dot the flowerheads. A few small remaining leaves add dark mottling to the overall effect. Apart from the appearance, which is typical of Green House cultivation, it is the density of the flowers that stands out. CheeseCake is almost hard and particularly generous.


The flavours and aromas of our CheeseCake take us back to the last days of winter. A mixture of citrus notes and denser woody scents make this variety a bewitching flower. The tasting continues along the same lines. Green House cultivation allows for the development of a slight hint of acidity reminiscent of some citrus fruits, which combines perfectly with the deeper woody scents. Lovers of CBD flowers with dense and fleshy flavours will be delighted.


Our CheeseCake is grown in a Green House. This greenhouse cultivation allows the legal cannabis plants to be sheltered from excessive temperature variations, external aggressions and rainfall. The plants grow at the pace of nature while being cared for by specialists. The result is a quality harvest in almost idyllic conditions. Lovers of authentic, even rustic flowers will be delighted to find this type of cultivation with inimitable results.


Our CheeseCake is a CBD flower with an average CBD content of between 8 and 12%. Consumers can expect average effects from the legal cannabis variety Cheesecake offered by Mybud.

Empfehlungen: Dieses Produkt ist für die Verdampfung oder Infusion mit einer fetthaltigen Substanz wie Kokosnussöl, Milchtrübung bestimmt… Wir halten uns an die aktuelle Gesetzgebung und vermarkten nur die genehmigten Teile der Anlage, die in ganz Europa legal sind.
Dieses Produkt wird nicht für schwangere Frauen empfohlen. Verboten für Minderjährige.