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Aczedol cream CIBDOL

Aczedol Cream CIBDOL

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Aczedol is formulated differently than other CBD creams. The main ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which protects and shields irritated skin with a fortifying layer. Its properties are enhanced by cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. This unique formula protects sensitive skin affected by acne and helps relieve unpleasant acne symptoms such as itching or burning. Liposomes Aczedol’s liposomal formula allows the active ingredients to easily penetrate multiple layers of the skin for maximum care.

Often used with prescription medications, liposomes are blisters that have proven to be extremely effective in nutritional supplements. The low absorption rate of liposomes and their wrapped lipid bilayer allow the active ingredients to be absorbed directly into the cells, rather than entering the bloodstream or digestive system first. Binding to liposomes, the active ingredients can reach the cells much more easily.

Topical formulations, including liposomes, are reported to be up to four times more effective than conventional creams in delivering the active ingredients. Safety and Precautions People who are allergic to any of the product’s ingredients (see Ingredients for more information), especially those allergic to grasses (Poaceae), should avoid using Aczedol. Persons intolerant to gluten and/or soy should consult a health care practitioner before use. Oats contain gluten and lecithin is made from soybeans

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